Color Pattern (EXPLAINED )+( video example tutorial)

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Color Pattern (EXPLAINED )+( video example tutorial)

Postby broforce1 » 22 March 2020, 12:18

hello, today I will explain a bit about the color pattern trigger action type, so basically, the Color pattern is a simple color format used in trigger action type #168 which is described in Advanced Level Editor as "Set Character 'A' color pattern (4 small letters for each body sections, each represents the first symbol of color in lowercase. - disables color change for specific section)".



the pattern has 4 symbols, each of them does represent how the color of a specific body part will be changed.

Each symbol represents a specific color:

r - Red
g - Green
b - Blue
d - Dark gray
k - Black
p - Purple
w - White
c - Cyan
m - Magenta
y - Yellow
n - NavajoWhite
s - LightSteelBlue
o - OliveDrab
e - Orange
a - PaleGreen
h - Khaki
- - disables color transform

bonus info:
you can also do it with numbers
but it will recolor the player ina different look.

level editor manual:

and here's a video example to explain more info.

just download the file and watch the full video, hope you will learn better ;)
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Re: Color Pattern (EXPLAINED )+( video example tutorial)

Postby Girl_Power » 22 March 2020, 22:11

Thank you a lot, Broforce1! It must've taken you a long time to explain all this out thoroughly! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this! Thanks!
- GP
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Re: Color Pattern (EXPLAINED )+( video example tutorial)

Postby Super Bird » 25 March 2020, 15:38

rly?You copyed all page from level editor manual,but thanks for info about numbers

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