German Reich at the rise! Hahaha :D (Funny story)

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German Reich at the rise! Hahaha :D (Funny story)

Postby Vlcendo » 3 July 2019, 23:48

I was playing Paul308 base match with password.
Everything was good to that time, when i say im from Czech Republic.
Player with name (Adolf Eichmann) dr. oyuncu start swearing at my country and Slovakia Republic.
Called me: Stalin's pizza sauce,Communist pizza sauce,Sudets Looser.
Then he was saying praise the pizza sauce and swearing at EU economy (there is the fun part)
HOW *NAZI* GERMANY ATTACK REST OF EUROPE,why he don't even use German Reich...
When he had a laught attack, he was discussing how Nazis was strong, he don't know what is Gustav or Mp40...
ICONIC NAZI GUN MP40!!! (MP40 was used like a inspiration in Star Wars as a main Imperial gun)
Then he (somehow) died and i take his modded guns, he was mad at me and kicked me.
Please, if you too have some funny story about some kiddo playing PB2,write it here :D .
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Re: German Reich at the rise! Hahaha :D (Funny story)

Postby Oriental » 4 July 2019, 11:54

Hey guys so I have fought a guy in a match and I wanted to roast him and I wanted to put the title (Funny story) "EVEN THO ITS NOT FUNNY TO ME" but its to make people click I hate him because his a kid and I really want to post it in the forums so people will think I'm some coolest bi*** here and his a kid and I made the post into a story that is full of retardation and unnecessary stuff but it's ok let's wait for people to criticize my actions and this is fu***** cancer please KILL ME.

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