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Ban guests

Postby TheMeteor » 14 February 2019, 00:34

I want to know if guests can be banned. i know they have no account (obviously -_-) but can they get ban per ip?
I only want to know if the bad guests that insult you without reason (i c.u.m in your mom, per example) (that gives me cancer), can be ip-banned by the staff, thanks for reading this and understanding my bad english, bye bye :D

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Re: Ban guests

Postby phsc » 14 February 2019, 00:41

Everyone can be IP banned, a guest logged in an account that gets banned makes so the account is also banned.
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Re: Ban guests

Postby Civil-Lite » 14 February 2019, 01:51

TheMeteor wrote:I only want to know if the bad guests that insult you without reason (i c.u.m in your mom, per example) (that gives me cancer)

A really good example, my question would be whether you would happen to be amongst those people insulting others from time to time also. Relax, I am only joking. Bad guests could be anyone, regardless whether they have an account or not. But I am sure you would be happy enough to hear guests will not be appearing in PB2.5, but as for now just dont let their insults and such get to your head. Just be the sensible one and rise above it.
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Re: Ban guests

Postby Bob cat » 14 February 2019, 04:17

I think variables can kick guest out of your map.

Like if something reads 'Guest' it could kick them, or just make anyone who has the name 'Guest' and ruin their day like causing them to be slower than other players, etc. So they might leave.

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