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Flash alternatives.

Postby KARL SERG » 13 January 2021, 16:42

Note: This may belong to Around the Campfire. However, I felt that it had a limited impact on PB2 as well. If Staff believes it is inappropriate to have it here, they should move it.

As you may already know, Flash has been deactivated yesterday. However, steps were taken by various parties to rectify that situation. PB2 switched to the option to download the game and have it on computer Memory. Others have made made collections of Flash and other games, such a BlueMaxima, to be downloaded in a similar manner.

Yet others are working on a substitute for Flash. It's currently in development, but it should work for older, classic games. I'll post a link here and please keep in mind that I'm not trying to advertise it (as it's free), just offering an alternative. Users more experienced than me in IT are free to tell if they think it's safe or not, for I don't know. I just felt it would be a shame to lose all the good games of the past because some people thought Flash was obsolete.

The link: https://ruffle.rs/#what-is-ruffle
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Re: Flash alternatives.

Postby broforce1 » 13 January 2021, 18:07

we dont need this as soon as u can download SWF files, some games that we already love to play are flash games which they are also known games, so u would have more opportunity to find The SWF files of games that u need, in order to play in SWF files u just need to use a flash file plugin, open by (flashplayer14) "Application" for example, just like PB2 exe file that contains The SWF and the flashplayer with it as well.

i do believe that this "Ruffle" can work for flash formats, well this warning saying it's too dangerous cuz it's not really downloaded by many ppl, so not sure if it's safe, it's up to u, but if u got the warning twice then it's really the good choice not to keep it anyway.

also, another thing that I get problems with downloaded it as well, the application already doesn't even work with SWF files (might try downloading it again), so i do prefer to use Flashplayer14 format, it's better, it works the same as ruffle.
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Re: Flash alternatives.

Postby _SkilledNinjaHyperX_ » 12 February 2021, 17:43

I'm using SuperNova, but it's don't working with PB2
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