Inventory option to hide guns on the player

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Inventory option to hide guns on the player

Postby broforce1 » 3 January 2021, 16:19

Hi, so u know, when u pick up a gun, the player acts that he held the gun and the character just attaches the gun on his back or on the leg, in trigger options u can change the attachment to change the gun holders attachment.

but still, that doesn't change anything because when u held a lot of guns they just overlap like shit, it reminds me of the Russian meme, the soldier who got a lot of guns on his back, nvm.

and here is what I thought about, nothing is really disturbing on this spoiler, it's just a marine with guns:
Spoiler: Show More

yes like this.

So I wish there could be an option in PB2.5, that allows u to hide the guns at least, just like in FTTP, if u got a lot of guns then some of them won't appear, at least some of the gun can be appeared but not all the freaking guns, like for example, 2 guns on the back, and 2 guns on the leg, like that, we won't have a lot of guns, since that we don't really need to look up at all of the guns though, so I hope to agree on the idea if u have any better idea u can share it here too if it was about that conversation and thanks for reading.
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Re: Inventory option to hide guns on the player

Postby TheMeteor » 3 January 2021, 22:13

I like your idea. Would be nice to be implemented
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Re: Inventory option to hide guns on the player

Postby Girl_Power » 4 January 2021, 01:16

Interesting idea. Would like to see it in PB3.
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