Decors getting rejected.

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Decors getting rejected.

Postby Build » 3 December 2019, 16:06

So some of the people posted custom decors and waiting for it to be approved... But some gets rejected it might be copyrighted or smth.. But y'know there should be a reason for it why it's getting rejected it's not like you have to guess or something.. Is this a good idea? Getting a reason why its rejected
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Re: Decors getting rejected.

Postby lemonade6 » 3 December 2019, 17:33

yea! difenitely good
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Re: Decors getting rejected.

Postby Darnit525 » 22 March 2020, 15:28

i agree, i have some character decorations which for some reason are rejected and i'd really like to know why.
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Re: Decors getting rejected.

Postby Girl_Power » 22 March 2020, 21:40

I don't post custom decors but I agree with this idea. It's like getting banned; we get a reason why we got banned, and we should get a reason why decors are being rejected.
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Re: Decors getting rejected.

Postby mrblake213 » 22 March 2020, 23:28

Feel free to ask any Administrators in site PM's or in Discord if you have any questions.

However, there's been a general rule/idea on what decors can get accepted.
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Re: Decors getting rejected.

Postby Tempus » 23 March 2020, 02:15

I will pass this on to Eric.
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