V1.32 Update FeedBack Thread

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V1.32 Update FeedBack Thread

Postby Tempus » 1 August 2019, 03:29

Greetings, this section is regarding your feedback! Let us know what you think.

Additionally, follow this link to discuss the weapons;


Thank you!
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Re: V1.32 Update FeedBack Thread

Postby boom5 » 1 August 2019, 03:58

Lots of good skins are coming. I like alot of the weapons especially the Archetype. The new sounds are amazing. The way to make proper health pickups is also great. I'm currently working on a map that uses that healing system with no regeneration. I do have issue with some of the weapons ingame total not having the ability to upgrade them. Some guns will stay static no matter what level you put them on. I wasn't really a fan of that. Because some weapons are to strong with no upgrades or not strong enough with max upgrades. I also have an issue with the raider railgun damage output on headshots. Still goes with the upgrade complaint. I know it's faster, but atleast at max level it should 1 shot a guy in the head with 200 hp or below. I also have an issue with the drone controller enemy. I have no Idea why its invisible. Other maps I made with them I can't see where they are and I will constantly die because they aren't visible. It also affects my story elements as well. I don't know if there is a way to fix it to have both. I kind of know why it's invisible. Lastly the vehicle models. They look absolutely amazing. The XXF Rapier is the best model i've seen. Unfortunately it doesn't work like the other vehicles like the corvette and you have to have extreme knowledge of triggers and Vars to pull off flying like Eric Demonstrated. Hopefully that can change in 2.5. This was a pretty good update overall. I here we are on wave 4 of submissions now. How many more waves are left?
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Re: V1.32 Update FeedBack Thread

Postby Oriental » 3 August 2019, 19:27

The updates are doing pretty good honestly, I get hyped when there's a update in PB2 since eric rarely updates the game but its a good thing that this game is reviving again ( Not really ) but lets be thankful that eric is trying his best his not just working on PB 2.5 but to make PB2 better by updating so we don't get too bored.
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