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Plazma League Staff Recruitment

Postby Tempus » 28 January 2019, 01:54

Greetings Plazma League Players and Members,

We are reworking league, prepare yourself for more information and updates regarding that... Our goal is to make league more than one event... more specifically our vision is to make League Focus on Level Editing, Solo play and Team play events. Events will very and our goal is to keep you interested (suggestions welcome!)

Our goal right now is to rebuild the PL team, we're looking for players who are passionate as we are and who want to make a difference within the community. We want individuals who work well within a team and can bring a lot of ideas and feedback to the table. Everything you do is important and work that is needed for the community.

> Requirements
- Age Requirements -

• PL Staff members who are Mature and Responsible.
• Have been apart of Plazma Burst and know the series well. ( Optional / But Preferred )

- Requirements -

• Must have held a Plazma Burst account for at least 3 months.
• Must be able to spend at least 10 hours per week.
• Must have access to a Windows PC / Mac, and be able to install and use third party applications.
• Must be able to access and play multiplayer matches.

Most importantly, must be ready to work in a mature and responsible manner in any position assigned to them.

Reach out to Sparrow or Myself if you are interested.

- Plazma League
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Re: Plazma League Staff Recruitment

Postby Mike365 » 21 July 2019, 19:49

I've been playing this game for a while, im interested in taking a bigger role. I have a lot of time off and I'd be able to support the game during EST evening hours.

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