.: Level Editors League Season 1 :. —— Result Period

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.: Level Editors League Season 1 :. —— Result Period

Postby yi en » 17 July 2019, 15:25

.: Level Editors League Season 1 :.
Current Period —— Result Period

Flowers are red, Sky is blue, School is busy, And I had to apologize for that.
First at foremost, I just made this little trailer video for this season, enjoy :)

Hidden Requirements:
Single Player:
The main character name —— Only May is allowed to be the nickname of the main character, other's are freely.
Escape pod start —— the spawn point must start with the escape pod dropping to the ground.
Distance between characters and bases —— at least far enough. Not too near. (commander won't be that stupid to launch his troopers at middle of the base)
Dialog —— How lively and communication between teammates, the general, or the others.
Bullet type —— bullets only allowed in this map. (no rockets)
Ending —— Freely, no prohibited hint.
Playable —— the judges will play 4 times (easy, normal, hard and impossible), then based on the difficulty to play the map and giving the points.
Creativity —— how creative are you?
Tactical usage —— how the player will interact with the maps? More skillful needed = more points.
Logic —— Is the story logical? or the placement is logical? Follows physics?

Multiplayer: If you are really interested you could PM me for details. As for now only 1 submission is MP maps so we will go on.

Brief result:
3rd place: Darkstar1
2nd place: Zufix
1st place: Mrblake213

Congrats to them for achieving their deserved place!

Detailed result:

Thanks for everyone for participating season 1, and season 2 will coming later on the next post!
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