How to add a song from the on your map

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How to add a song from the on your map

Postby Kiriakos Gr96 » 15 July 2019, 22:31

As you might know you can add songs from to your map.
URL must be the song page URL, not file download link.

There are some criteria the song needs to follow in order to play
1. The song needs to be less than 10 MB
2. The song needs to have more than 10 votes
3. The song needs to have appropriate title and tags
4. The song needs to have 6/10 or more rating (3+ stars)

An other reason why the song is not playing is because the song's author has disabled downloads.
To be able to see an error message you need to have put an e mark that enables that.

Here you can see how an error message looks
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