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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Varson » 14 October 2017, 23:21

It has been a fair while since I checked up on the community, but I think I'll continue sticking around from now on. I said I would stay until the community completely died, didn't I?

Most people knew me by Euro, so I'll introduce myself as that. I'd prefer to be called Aervec or Varson, however.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Slashdown » 6 November 2017, 13:30

oi im new af how I jump? pls help

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby aaron gooplol » 25 November 2017, 15:26

Heya! :D I'm Aaron Gooplol, I may have been playing pb2 for 5 years, but it's the first time to introduce myself to you all here! :D

aaron gooplol
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Classical » 27 November 2017, 12:52

Greetings! i am Classical! you can call me by other names! (read the Spoiler below)
Spoiler: Show More
You can also call me... Lord Stingray, zydontherecon, pizzalovernoob, and gameplayer10.

-I am a XBOX ONE Gamer in the U.S., if you want to add me heres my gamertag: zydontherecon-
-I play Rainbow Six: Siege, For Honor, Roblox, And Plazma Burst 2-
-I also Stream on Mixer, Name there is also my xbox one username.-
-What do i mostly play as in Siege: Mute-
-Most Played on For Honer: Orochi-
-Whats my Media: @Followmydiscord for twitter, Lord Stingray#1371 for Discord.-
-and what is my Frequent occurance: Weird Dreams that have no explaination.-
Go Add me On Discord: ClassicalReborn#1671
Add me on Xbox Aswell: zydontherecon

"Its Time to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum, And im All out Of Gum"
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby phsc » 5 January 2018, 19:29

idk if this is a farewell because my last post on this thing was 16 February 2016 so im dead i think idk
if for some reason someone wants to talk to me idk
i might make some random "art" and stuff while queuing for a dota game maybe maps idk
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Yuri_DDLC » 26 January 2018, 13:32

Oh. Hi there, I'm Yuri, from Doki Doki Literature Club.

I may have no idea upon how I have gotten here, but I am in search for a user. A user who really likes me. Who's not only good on playing this game, but who has the slogan that starts with three words, free to tell me who that player is, and I'm planning to meet him. On one of his maps.

Please do not be afraid, for that I have changed myself. ;)
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Legendary Nebula » 1 February 2018, 10:24

i have no idea how i got here, i think i teleported from another time or something that lead me here. i think i have a few brothers called Quasar, Pulsar and many other siblings, well to many of them...
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Cemetery John » 5 February 2018, 07:02


I am Cemetery John, I've been playing this game since 2012 (don't quote me on that) but haven't been active on the forums before. I am sure you will all see me around here more often, feel free to add me as a friend too.

Cemetery John
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Just Monika » 6 February 2018, 06:49

hii everyone~! im monika, president of the literature club.

Poetry is life x3

Yuri_DDLC wrote:Oh. Hi there, I'm Yuri, from Doki Doki Literature Club.

Oh? Hi, Yuri. Did I move your files to the wrong location? Guess I messed up again, haha.

Sooo, how’s your poem coming along?
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby gani » 8 February 2018, 11:11

Hi, im gani i joined in 2012 aand i create maps, thats all :)

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby saw- » 9 February 2018, 21:35

ey, 2011 geezer here.
after a break of 2 years i decided to come back and see how things turned out

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Xavi Qo Kezav » 24 February 2018, 00:22

Looks like I have an excuse to post here...

Dumped my old Zyra Xov account for this one. I'm going to keep this one pristine.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Carar » 23 March 2018, 12:24

haha hi i'm carar, GeNo member and their grandfather
I like trains, games, and trains
my discord is ʌəgιѕ#3298
I play CSGO, Superhot, Warframe and other shitties
add me on steam
I work as a gamer and my work hours are infinite

okay, thanks, nice to meet you, bye.
(btw im also elitech so ya)

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby GhostX5 » 15 April 2018, 05:38

Hello everyone, this is GhostX5, most of you may know me as RYZE or Promethean, but you can call me whatever you want.

Music required to listen for this (Pls just ignore the Dokis and listen to it while reading this):

As I am making a farewell message, I have a confession to make. But before that, I’m going to talk about some things that I had been into since 2016 (When I joined PB2 as Promethean) until this year. It was a lot of fun, making a lot of friends with other players, joining in some approved matches including stryde-sniper, xnx-railwars, 707-sniper, etc. even playing the Forum Games and interacting with others in the community. What happened to this year, well, I know there was an update which had new weapons and skins, plus other things for the ALE, which was pretty neat. Some fan-made weapons created by the community (Congrats to mister mayhem, darkstar 1, DoomWrath, LazyRain, Terror Only), skins including Raven reconnaissance battle armor (Once again, it reminds me of Helioskrill, as always), new Robot (My 4th favorite), Civil Protector (5th). Making maps was also fun too. And my former map that I just updated was Pistol: Firefight (Changed most of the things, well, lostmydollar says it’s ugly, but I’m not holding anything against him btw). Until now, I still remember 2 users that I’ve fought against, they were the ones who are bashing things at me like I was impersonating Prothean (Well, of course I wasn’t since Prothean & Promethean are both different, I didn’t even know this at first, Prothean belongs to Mass Effect while Promethean belongs to Halo, mind you), stuff like that, some people doing some racism, etc. At least I just let go of what happened, since it won’t ever happen again..

Spoiler: Show More
Now, on to the confession part of mine. To be honest, being inactive for some things like studies, homework, projects, etc. in my personal life, and, I have to admit to you guys, I have a bad depression in my whole life since September 2017. It was a mess, full of studies, stress, plus, family problems. I got fed up with a lot of things, and I even thought of suicide (I seriously thought about it like literally), stabbing myself in the chest with a knife. But I stopped myself (It was God who did that), realizing that what I was doing was wrong. Well, if I hadn’t stopped myself, I would’ve been dead already and I never got to meet everyone else or even managed to get my Xbox, and some gifts too, and never have made this post. A lot of memories just flooded into me, making me remember that I am not alone, everyone in my family loves me and are willing to support me and help me. But first I need to help myself too. They’re not gonna be able to help me if I’m not gonna help myself. I can be mature, but sometimes I’m immature.

Now, what’s the good news for me? I just opened myself for everyone. I know this is not a place for blogging, but this is a message for everyone. I’m gonna be prioritizing myself for some things. Daily routine. Story of my life.

Spoiler: Show More
Bad news, I’m gonna be inactive tomorrow until May 25. This is because I have to attend summer class for math. Why? I failed math. (Yes, I really do fail) This is the 2nd time I’ve failed the same subject since 7th Grade (Currently I’m moving on to 9th Grade), because I don’t understand it, and I hate the same subject. As a result, if I hate the subject, there’s no way I’ll be able to learn it. I’m gonna have to embrace it and think of it like it’s a lesson that’s meant to be learned and solved. If I don’t embrace it and thought about solving the problems, I’m gonna be stuck in 8th Grade for the entire school year. Now, before I leave the game + community for the summer class for math, I want to thank you everyone who has been doing well in the community, those who became my friends, enemies, becoming part of me, those who I had interacted with, whom I talked with in PMs. Thank you, for changing me into who I am today.

Spoiler: Show More
Thank you: Max Sixth [Nova], CoolZ, Carar aka Elitech, RGX (RenegadeKillerGSX9), AngelineReagan, Himeko, Lisa Evo, Yuri_DDLC, bluewolf5721, Hikarikaze, Terror Only, LazyRain, darkstar 1, Martin the wolf, mister mayhem, DoomWrath, Kazy, Protonoid, Silent Aurora, 1nfern0, Heavenly Child, Mahadavais, Lucy Snow, saw-, mingo1, gsa12, Jeff the hacker aka mikey schmidt, MY SANITY, Yamil, Roulette-137, WolfMaster12, ustopable, Ayano, Irv, 911 cop slate, 007 Agent, Dariy (Dude I’m sorry for not sending you the gift yet), wreak, Incompetence, lostmydollar, Dandamage, thetoppestkek

Don’t worry about me being inactive all the time, because I’m only active, and limited on Friday by using the iPad, except during Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and weekends. But hey, I’ll always be here for everyone.
Also, remember that I wanted to be a soldier? Well, not anymore, since I’m not gonna risk it. I decided for that I’ll be a programmer for multimedia & games instead.

Always remember, Keep Moving Forward.
United Special Operations ~:~ RYZE-138 aka Ghost-138 ~:~ Leader of Alpha Team ~:~ Master Chief Petty Officer
Keep Moving Forward.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Green Eyed Demon » 18 April 2018, 20:17

This game/community doodoo.

Just kidding.I'm leaving the community, I'll be available on the PB2 chat, don't expect a friendly small talk though,if you want to message me you'd better have a good reason.Not accepting Discord invites either.I might drop in every once in a while as I always have to check what's going on on the forums but I'll be inactive most of the time,won't bother with goodbyes since everyone who wants to contact me knows where/how to anyway.

See you on 2.5's sniper maps.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Burst » 8 May 2018, 07:31

Hi, I am Burst. I used to play this game alot before, when I was a cringey little k i d d o.

It's uh, been a while since I've been here honestly, how's the forums?
i dont know how to put images as signatures so this is here
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby GZ55 » 1 July 2018, 22:01

After over six years in the community, I think it's safe to say that my time is up.

I've been around here since early 2012 as a Guest. (Or at least since Guests existed, I don't even remember that well because I was, what, eight or nine years old back then?) Matters were more chaotic and the servers were sometimes overloaded, but I logged on at least once a week and had some fun. This went on until late 2014, when the equivalent of middle school in my region messed me up, so I decided to quit, hoping to focus on my studies and a balanced life.

I came back in early 2017, noticing that activity has decreased sharply. I nevertheless decided to toy around as a Guest for a few months before creating my first known account, Android GZ-55. I shortly registered under a separate account, GZ55, due to thinking adding "Android" in my name was childish. Those were quite possibly the worst months of my life, because I was focusing on the game so much. Most veteran users bullied me both in-game and on Discord for being an addict. (Some even continue to bully me to this day, but I don't care.) I eventually accumulated about 65k kills with a 1.45 KDr and attained 12th place on the leaderboards, and then I reset because I'm stupid.

The next months after that reset were especially painful. I made 10 additional alt accounts, all of which I reset because I didn't like their stats. I was just as good in 2012 as I am in 2018, I kept telling myself.

There were only two things I liked about my stay here in Plazma Burst 2: map creation (one of my maps even got approved once) and making friends which go beyond the website and into Discord or other social media platforms. Everything else, I regret wholeheartedly.

Goodbye to my former clan-mates in Platinum (dead), Young Rich Nation and Prophet. I apologize for quitting on my own because I'm mentally unstable. I wish the best for boss fighter, Ultimas, Presto (The Civil Defender) and BluePunchGamer (The Gold Herobrine), the people whom I considered the closest to me here. Good luck to the player base, the staff and the developers for continuing the great journey the Plazma Burst series has had so far.

- GZ55, a.k.a. Android GZ-55, Aleph_00, Illinear, Odd1sh, Dimensiov, SKYfoogle, scripteur511, SevenFortySeven, xtcdream, Apotheosis and 55-.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby jacob12345 » 6 July 2018, 20:05

I’ve been around since 2011. I’ve made hundreds of friends, and made close friends who are all apart of a cool group of pb2 friends that are called Poxers. Over the years we shared both good and bad times. Eventually we all became apart of a discord server a poxer made for all the poxers to be in. So many unique personalities intermingling...the server eventually became toxic. I fled to another pox server a poxer made. It was just us in there and I saw it as a safe haven. Eventually, someone new poorly led the first pox and all those poxers fled to the newly made pox. I felt like leaving. I felt like this new pox would now turn into chaos. But the poxer who made this new pox urged me to stay and give it a I did. It was fun while it lasted...but 2 people finally pushed me to the edge. I fled the newer pox. I no longer have a safe haven. I feel I’ll be alone. I hope those 2 are happy. I might even quit pb2 at this point. Only time can tell. Will those 2 apologize and try to not be toxic anymore? Only time can tell.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby phsc » 7 July 2018, 00:08

this stuff didnt age well jesus christ
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Lord Russia Tachanka » 2 August 2018, 20:41

I am Tachanka or just call me Alexsandr Senaviev.

I have 50 years and i born on November 3, 1967, Saint Petersburg, Russia

I have a nice engine of creating LMGs for the Rainbow team.
I worked for Rainbow team, maked LMGs as a support for my teammates.
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