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Re: Rate the Avatar

Postby 911 cop slate » 13 December 2017, 15:10

Well, the people said that looks like from density or something but you'll get 5.5/10
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911 cop slate
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Re: Rate the Avatar

Postby Ayano » 14 December 2017, 02:40

8/10 Still the same Avatar as I rated before.
911 cop slate wrote:Well, the people said that looks like from density or something but you'll get 5.5/10

If I recall correctly Hik did say that it was from Destiny. Not Density lel
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Re: Rate the Avatar

Postby Silent Aurora » 14 December 2017, 03:59

Silent Aurora wrote:Let this serve as a final warning for everyone. The whole concept of this topic is to rate the above users avatar with an appropriate rating and legitimate reasoning. I don't want to see people talking about something offtopic and then write "7/10" just to stay on topic. You're not slick, continue to not follow the rules of the forum game then I will simply lock the topic.

Click spoiler to remind yourselves of the rules set for this forum game.

Spoiler: Show More
- Rate the avatar
- Rate out of 10 only
- Don't use ridiculous decimals (5.3/10 is okay, 4.126523623/10 is not)
- Don't make "already rated" replies.

I don't want to come back here and see people still doing the same thing, like I said, this is a warning for everyone and only warning.

Alright, since people have ignored the warning here and still treat this like a guessing game, going off-topic etc I'm locking this topic.
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Silent Aurora
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