Spawn loss issue report

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Spawn loss issue report

Postby broforce1 » 10 June 2021, 22:25

i went to a base and I was standing.. then left.. at the next days i found my own spawn got reset and i did not successfully connect to the AFK body which means it was wasted for some unknown reason, could be some player who destroyed the AFK body, or it could be from the moderator resetting the world though before a backup was added when I was online before I went offline. and it doesn't seem to help at all.

if u know just tell me what u know from what u have experienced about this issue, overall if it was a player who destroyed the AFK body then it's fine, but if the world was just reverted then please for whoever is reverting ur forcing me to lose my spawn inside some base when i was successfully got into it, I'm also just as afraid that none of the people knows me in one of these bases i got in but few. cuz they would think I'm unknown so they remove my equipment? .. this issue doesn't have the opportunity to be fixed by myself anyway... so i need support..
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Re: Spawn loss issue report

Postby Gashadokuro » 10 June 2021, 22:43

It's the fault of the Star Coalition.

Most of their members are clueless NPCs, and even Yogurt is unaware of their infinite peace plan. It's been quite a while, but I think Ghost420's plans involved using all the NCZs to settle wars. Because of their collective game stalling power, he felt the community would come to a realization that it should embrace peace after going through much boredom and inactivity. The other Star Coalition members were enticed by the prospect of vaults full of stuff they will never ever use, plus they'd be in charge in the new server order.

Commander and Cole were the only guys that knew the real motive for gathering the NCZs.
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