.: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Result Period

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.: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Result Period

Postby yi en » 7 November 2020, 14:06

.: Level Editors League Season 5:.
Current Period —— Result Period

The final results of the Season 5 has been arrived. Although sadly we would only have 2 submissions available throughout this season, but or team has been planning and discussing about bringing the better user experience when holding the future events.

Brief Ranks
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The first place among the 2 submissions are..... Silk1's submission!
But still, we had to applause Phant0mB0nnie's submission well-fully done and strives out in this season!

1st place: silk1's submission
honorable mention: Phant0mB0nnie's submission

Detailed Ranks
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I would like to thank all participants who took part of this season.
Also, I would like to thank nyove and ch55 for helping me out of judging points, and improved the newer version of judging method and function works.
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