.: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Voting Period

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.: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Voting Period

Postby yi en » 4 October 2020, 06:11

.: Level Editors League Season 5 :.
Current Period —— Voting Period
Date: 05/10/2020 ~ 31/10/2020

Thank you for everyone submitting their best hard work for this event. So far by my calculation (If I don't recall wrong), we have a total of 2 submissions which consists 2 single player and 0 multi player series. So based on the rules applied, we would only have 1 winner in this season.

Voting Period —— Everyone can vote, but how?
The voting consists 2 parts of voting

1st poll:
The forum will apply a new poll which is for the best design of the thread page. Players can vote 1 on each submissions for "best forum thread designer" award.

2nd poll:
Which we will be using the plazma burst 2's map rating system, which you can vote the map in range of 1~5 stars in game mode (as I already disabled the comments of the map page.)

Then the equation of the voting sections will be detailed soon after the judging period is over. So everyone can vote at a range of 1~5 stars as you wish and it's totally anonymous so no worries. Meanwhile in poll section it is also anonymous so don't afraid to cast your vote to your favorite ones!

Submissions Area:
As I said, All the submissions will be apart for threads to threads in order to have their creativity and advertisement of their maps. The submissions will be detailed under this thread.

Last but not least, Good luck to all participants and you can try to promote your maps but not manipulating votes.
Once found your submissions will be disqualified.
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Re: .: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Voting Period

Postby yi en » 4 October 2020, 06:17

The Following Has Been Declassified as of __/__/____

Mission Report: Operation Left Wing.

Spoiler: Show More
A 5 man SAS squad, callsign Bravo 7, are to infiltrate the Insurgency's underground sewer base in the country of Nadune in order to kill/capture General __-____.

Spoiler: Show More
Capt. Hatcher (Bravo 7 Actual): Assault Rifle CP, Shotgun CS-DAZ, Revolver Mk1, multiple C0-00n fragmentation grenades.
SSgt. _______ (Bravo 7-2): [CLASSIFIED].
Cpl. ________ (Bravo 7-3: [CLASSIFIED].
PFC. _____ (Bravo 7-4): [CLASSIFIED].
PFC. Maxim (Bravo 7-5): Assault Rifle CS-RC scoped w/suppressor. Pistol CS-Pro suppressed, Needle, multiple grenades.

Mission Summary:
Spoiler: Show More
At precisely 0300 hours, Bravo 7 inserted via the Osiastanian sewers, and crossed the border underground into the neighboring country of Nadune. Bravo was equipped with multiple days rations, NVGs and flashlights in addition to their standard weaponry. Radio contact was lost with the team, but this was expected considering their location deep below ground. The plan was for the team to resurface in Nadunian soil after they had completed their primary objective and proceed to a predetermined rendezvous point for extraction.

For the first 4 hours, the operation was largely uneventful. At 0500 hours, the team reached what they believed to be the outskirts of the Insurgency hideout. Then, at 0700 hours, the team was compromised by a patrol of Insurgency soldiers. Both sides opened fire, resulting in heavy casualties for the Insurgency forces. Outnumbered, Bravo 7 attempted to break contact, but by then large masses of Insurgency forces had converged on their position. Surrounded and outgunned, Capt. Hatcher ordered the team to split up and regroup at a nearby safehouse. Bravo 7-2 and 7-3 attempted to break away, but were caught in the blast of an RPG. Both personnel were killed instantly. Bravo 7-4 was able to escape into an adjacent tunnel, but he presumably lost track of his location. The Insurgency forces were able to track him down and eliminate him following an intense shootout. Bravo 7-5 Maxim spotted Hatcher withdrawing from the area, retreated into another tunnel, and managed to evade the Insurgency search parties. He then backtracked and followed the path of Bravo 7 Actual. The trail widened into a large chamber that hosted a sprawling array of pipes.


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Re: .: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Voting Period

Postby yi en » 4 October 2020, 06:22

.: John Zerker :.
The 4th Member of the Zerker Family

.: Story :.
Year 1854
John Zerker, the newest monster hunter existed during that time, decided to start his journey to stop Hermesis once again through the suddenly appeared castle. But John Zerker has to go through the underground because the area around the castle is covered with thick vines that can't be penetrate. Little did he know he can't never come back after setting forth on his journey.

.: Game Desc :.
Fight together with John Zerker as you both will go through the challenges that come! Whether it's sawblades , varied Falkans, bottomless pits and more! With enough courage, you will set forth to your victory!

.: Game Main Features :.

Disclaimer:The pics here are the illustrations of what the character assets they were supposed to be, it will not appeared on the real map.

[ The Monster Killer Whip ]

Use the Monster Killer whip to slay any monsters that block your path. It deals a lot of damage to the receiver!

[ Whip Swing ]

Use the whip near the swing station to swing. Be precise or you may fall to your doom!

[ Scarlet Statue ]

Press E near the Scarlet Statue to began praying, she will heal you and set your checkpoint. May Scarlet will assist your quest!

.: Map Dev Note :.
I have been hard working on this map, I hope you have fun!

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