.: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Theme Period

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.: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Theme Period

Postby yi en » 1 September 2020, 05:57

.: Level Editors League Season 5 :.
Current Period —— Theme Period
Date: 01/09/2020 ~ 30/09/2020

This event is well-designed to all PB2 map developers, no matter how good or how bad you're.
If you know how to create a new map, we are always welcomed for your join!

The rules and new updated information click me. Otherwise you will know nothing about this one.

Phases Update:
1st month: Announcing the Table, giving a month of time for developers to submit the map.
2nd month 1st week: every player will be deserved a vote to their loved maps.
3rd month 1st week: winners will be announced and receive rewards.

Today season's table:

Remember, you had to fulfil 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green requirements, and optionally get some orange special challenges as many as you can. But quality first, challenge point second.

The second table will try to balance all the difficulties so no too easy or too hard requirements.... I hope.

Also, from now on this season, no more roleplay themed maps are accepted as these categories are hard to determine and judge with.

How to submit your maps?

As for sure, we are updated the submission method from now on.

You can either PM me in forum, or discord each submission.
the submission from now on are now requires:
Code: Select all
Your PB2 username
Your Discord username with tags.
(optional) your thumbnail of your submissions
your map title
map description
submission requirement table code (such as A1,B3,C6)
.pb2map file (stop giving me xml file cuz xml can crash things away and away)

Starting from this season, during voting period we are going to give each participants a thread to work with and advertise your maps (basically added a new stall for you to sell things I guess). After you had done your submission, you can now try to experiment in forum bbcode to see whether works best to promote your submissions. Therefore you can send me a whole bbcode source code to ask me to put in your submission thread to provide 100% of what you want and best results. Otherwise I would tried my best to provide basic, sturdy but not too ugly decorative for you to begin with.

hopefully I make the things clear. If any question you can ask me instead.

Hopefully every map developers have fun, and enjoy making maps!

For more information, please visit the Official Plazma burst Community discord server: https://discord.gg/Bhe9rNz
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Re: .: Level Editors League Season 5 :. —— Theme Period

Postby yi en » 1 September 2020, 06:51

This Thread is for people who doesn't know the contents of table and need some help explanation about them.

A1: Map is set in undergrounds (地图要建立在地底里面)
All your map structure should be inside the undergrounds, it can be underground base, underground adventure, tomb raider underground etc.

B1: Map supports DM, COOP and TDM(地图支援DM,COOP和TDM)
Basically a free point for multiplayer maps lmao.

C1: Map is set in metro station (地图需建立在火车站)
Whole map is inside a theme of the metro station. It can be waiting a train, including character inside a train, or maybe a story about the metro station etc.

D1: Only black or white sky is allowed (只能有黑/白色天空)
This challenge is hard as you need to blend your story to stand out that black/white sky is important to enhance your game and environment. One of the good examples would be LIMBO, if you wondered.

E1: Water that protagonist must dive in (需要一片主角可以潜进去的水)
Sounds as simple as that.

A2: Guns from user defined decoration only (枪械只应许使用其他用户的自定义枪械)
Equality of "banned official guns except the invisible gun model". It is challenging as user had to redesign every single gun statics, such as power, accuracy etc.

B2: Map is based on eric gurt's campaign lore (故事围绕在eric的主线故事)
You can make like a side story of hero, noir lime or proxy meanwhile doing something at the middle of campaign lore.

C2: A territory that has multiple entrance (需要有一个敌方的地区,而且是可以从多个方向进攻)
It will be a lame gameplay if protagonist only have a way to attack someone's territory. What about giving some options that protagonist can able to attack from sky, land or underground, or even sewer?

D2: No PSI (不能用刀)
Self explanation.

E2: The whole map is in a fixed camera (整个地图建立在一个固定的投影之上)
Imagine you have a map but it is unscrollable. It is hard although camera size is resizable, but the creativity would be limited due to how fixed/static the camera would be.

A3: Map is set in a school (你的地图是建立在一个学校之上)
All your story starts and ends in a school. Outside of the school is allowed. Story themed is advised.

B3: An elevator/lift which is operatable at least 3 levels (电梯最少要走三层)
Simple enough, just a lift which can go at least 3 floors.

C3: Maximum of 30 objects only (只能使用30个元件做地图)
Simple, and yet hard to make a map become successful. Only attempt this if you want more challenge.

D3: A bunker that has basic facilities (一个小小的军火库,但是有基础设施)
Self explanation.

E3: Introduce invasion gameplay (入侵玩法)
What do you want to invade? a territory, a base, or if you are a monster that want to invade a lab?

A4: Introduces RNG in your map (加入随机事件)
It is usable in a lot of scene, such as randomly generated weapons, random spawn, etc.

B4: Map is set in a space with 0 gravity (太空地图)
self explanation, yet to execute that well is not that simple.

C4: some sawblades which cat cut protagonist and enemies (一些可以砍主角和敌人的锯子)
Basically saw map, or adding some frustrating situation which can either helps you or makes you think twice.

D4: Introduce prison escape (逃狱主体)
escape from prison!

E4: SCP themed (SCP主题)
you know that...

A5: A train that you can enter in (一辆你可以进去的火车)
Can combined with C1, which basically adds a train that protagonist had to enter to do something.

B5: Introduce holiday events (加入节日活动)
Christmas day? Happy Halloween? everything you like during holidays!

C5: Introduce your PB2 friends in your map (让你的PB2朋友客串在你的地图里面)
With mixture of funny lore, yeah, it would be fun.

D5: Map is about the falkoks theme(地图是关于falkok的故事)
You know that, falkok story? falkok lore? falkok as the protagonist?

E5: Introduces cloning feature (克隆技术)
If you know how to do it, do it.
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