.: Level Editors League Season 4 :. —— Result Period

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.: Level Editors League Season 4 :. —— Result Period

Postby yi en » 23 July 2020, 02:27

.: Level Editors League Season 4 :.
Current Period —— Result Period


Due our judges are busying on facing their exam, so the result period would become that late, sorry about that.
In competence to that, season 5 will be extended until 1st September, with more exact rules and better requirement.

Video? Where?

Brief Ranks
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Honorable Mention: Chrose's submission
4th place: Girl Power's submission
3rd place: CakeSpider's submission
2nd place: tehswordninja and thetoppestkek's submission
1st place: Nyove's submission

Congrats to all of the winners!

Detailed Ranks
Click me.

I would like to thank all participants who took part of this new format, which I would say it could be a big success.
Also, I would like to thank the other 2 judges for helping me out of judging points, instead changing the format of how we judge maps quite a lot of times.

btw, if you like to know who are the judges, go watch the video and find it out :D
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Re: .: Level Editors League Season 4 :. —— Result Period

Postby Mean Me » 23 July 2020, 03:06

Congratulations to the winners! I really loved some maps creativity and mechanics with their individual maps. Thanks to the judges and whoever made the video made me smile! I hope you guys did well on your exam :D
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