.: Level Editors League Season 2 :. —— Registration Period

Information regarding the Level Editors League

.: Level Editors League Season 2 :. —— Registration Period

Postby yi en » 1 October 2019, 11:09

.: Level Editors League Season 2 :.
Current Period —— Registration Period
Date: 01/10/2019 ~ 07/10/2019

This event is well-designed to all PB2 map developers, no matter how good or how bad you're.
If you know how to create a new map, we are always welcomed for your join!

Be sure to join our Plazma League Discord Server https://discord.gg/2PXYT7F

1st week: registration, waiting for map developers to participate.
2nd week: Theme will be given to all participating developers, they will have 2 weeks to complete it.
4th week: every player will be deserved a vote to their loved maps.
November someday: winners will be announced and receive rewards. (see rewards section)

Current Phase: Registration Period
At this period we are going to need some actors to help us run throughout the event. Yes, I mean you, the one who is reading this topic.
We are gracefully welcomed for every player to register for the mapping event.
You may register throughout this link: https://discord.gg/2PXYT7F

A badge to site profile and forum profile by our beloved organizers. The others will envy to you.
Unique discord server role that will make you more shiny to others. No worry to not getting centered by society!

Concept and Organisation:
During the registration period, all the players are welcomed to join the event! (except the ones who can't create a new map JK)
The theme will be announced in the discord server. During this period the map developer should be done the theme all by themselves unless being stated else.
The voting period will be halved in 2 sections: Judges from Committee and Players.
Basically each theme will gives different judging standardization so be focus on what the committee wants.
voting ratio: 1:1
Then we will choose the winner!

Update: this season we collect unlimited slots of players, and we will halved the submissions into 3 categories (based on the theme of the story requirment)

Feel free to ask question in this post below.
For rules, check this

p.s. You have to register through joining the discord server. After joining, Pm Tempus or a Co-host to give you a participant role. After the registration period is up, you will be given a theme where you'll have to make a map from scratch following the theme we give you.

p.s.s the rank is supposed to be the green rank with Level Developer Event 2019 in it.
if the cmd didn't work, just inform the staff.
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