.: Level Editors League Season 7 :. —— Theme Period

Information regarding the Level Editors League

.: Level Editors League Season 7 :. —— Theme Period

Postby yi en » 6 August 2023, 03:31

If there's something messed up blame the forum not me ty

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Credit to Nyove for the logo.

.: Level Editors League Season 7 :.
Current Period —— Theme Period
Date: 06/08/2023 ~ 12/08/2023

Welcome participants to participate this season. In this season we had reconfigured and restated the amount of squares on each colour, which had finally been revised to:
    5 red squares
    5 blue squares
    5 green squares
    10 orange challenge squares

The Level Editors League supports any kind of the gamemode, but preferably singleplayer or multiplayer cooperative focused maps. (PvP related submission is ok but would have disadvantage compared to other genres).

In between that, as only one submission is allowed, participants are advised to build a complete story in 1 map if attempting in singleplayer map submissions. (Short story is enough, don't have to be long series with tons of maps).

The rules and new updated information click me. Otherwise, you will know nothing about this one.

Today season's table:

Remember, you had to fulfil 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green requirements, and optionally get some orange special challenges as many as you can. But quality first, challenge point second.

Hopefully all map developers have fun and enjoy making maps!

For more information, please visit the Official Plazma League server (that place will receive fastest updates): https://discord.gg/2cHPEGGRfu
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