New PL chat rules

New PL chat rules

Postby Bryguy4280 » 9 April 2020, 03:31

Welcome to the Plazma League Discord. Our goal is to be a place where Plazma Burst players can talk to one another in a chilled out, friendly environment. We aim to keep it appropriate enough for our younger members, but not at the cost of limiting conversation. Plazma League is a segment of the Plazma Burst 2 community which focuses on competition. It matches players according to their skills in PvP and in the Level Editor. In line with this, events are supervised by PB2 staff but hosted by the people and for the people.

General Rules

• If you defame, ridicule, mock, stalk, threaten, harass, intimidate or abuse anyone through spamming, flooding, or flaming, we have the ability to seize your freedoms in The server to protect Plazma League's integrity. Moderation will also be used in nsfw channels to control the environment in the case it becomes unmanageable.

• Any data, text, graphics, photographs and any other materials uploaded to the Plazma League server by you is “Your Content.” If the Administration can track a message that was breaking rules in any shape or form, punishments will be lightened if the user admits their insolence. Rendition: Personal pictures have been restricted permanently unless in the designated nsfw chat channel or if permitted by the user for distribution. Direct all offensive media to this location.

• Exploitation, distribution, or publicly informing other users of loopholes in the rules can be punishable by classification based on discretion of staff members.

• You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of the Plazma League server. Administration hereby disclaims any and all liability to you or any third party relating to your use of the PL server. The Administration reserves the right, but has no intended interest, to manage disputes between you and other users of the Server. Any form of personal disputes with other users of the server will be dealt with swiftly.

• Users are responsible for any fraudulent, illegal, or harmful conduct they commit in Plazma League. The Administration reserves the right to report, or enforce legal action against said users.

• The Administration forbids all public use of NSFW imagery/content and will prevent any future instances by users. Any use of gore or animal cruelty for sadistic pleasure, glorification, or celebration of violence is a severe offense in the Plazma League Code of Conduct and will be met with the same equal severity of punishment. Rendition: Certain nsfw content will be permitted in the channel chosen by the Administration for 18+ content regarding jokes, harassment or disturbing imagery. Pornography will still not be permitted.

Chat Decency

• It is requested among the Administration that users of Plazma League refrain from using racist terminology, or any other form of discrimination in the Server. If an instance of racism occurs, the Administration has full intention of punishing users who disobey this simple, easy to respect request. This kind of discussion will be permitted in the designated nsfw channel.

• In the service of Discord, it is expected that users will fully indulge in the content and abilities it has created for them. The Administration requests users of the server respect general human decency and refrain from overusing the @mention ability on either the staff or members alike.

• The Administration of Plazma Burst 2 and PL asks users to refrain from getting into personal disputes with other parties in the Server. Acts of revenge, retaliation, or retribution for another users actions will be prevented righteously by the Staff. If you are looking to partake in the community wide banter with complete freedom of speech, please check the desginated nsfw channel which will only have a basic set of rules aimed to prevent spam and pornography content. Users will have to manually equip this role by reacting to a message designed to let them enter at their own risk.

Voice Chat Rules

• Music bots designated in the bot commands channel, can be used in the #music voice chat. Music bots are plentiful in the server, but bots are limited to 1 per voice chat channel.

• Music bots are restricted from playing ear rape unless discretion has been advised beforehand and users agree to such sounds. Any evidence found regarding individuals who play ear rape against user’s wishes will be restricted from ever using the bot again. The Administration’s tolerance for this form of comedy is extremely low.

• Any user who intends to provoke or harass individuals within the Server’s voice chats are fully responsible for what they say, and will be dealt with as such. All egregious examples of banter or flaming should go directly to the nsfw conversations channel and should not affect any other part of the PL server.

• Users who are gaming while talking over voice chat are requested that they talk in specified sub voice chats that are meant for their team or casual play. This is to avoid conversation cuts and background noise within public discussions.

Miscellaneous Rules
• It is requested by the Administration that all users refrain from using foreign languages in conversations within the Plazma League server. Unfortunately our administration is limited on a linguistics front so we require all users to use English at any given time.

• Properly designated channels specify uses of certain permissions in the Plazma League server. For any unsure individuals, this is in reference to forms of messages that relate to the usage of bots provided by the staff. The Administration has limited the bot permissions per channels, but still urge users to participate however they like as long as the bots are not used in a harmful manor or outside of their designated channel.

• If a user is uneducated on any of these rules, the punishments dealt will be the same regardless of their inability to respect the requests of the Administration.

• Plazma League reserves the right to keep a database of any and all messages sent within the PL server for moderation purposes. Dates, times, and other specifications with messages sent/deleted can and will be used against users who provoke the server in any way.

• Any and all of the rules stated above are subject to change without notice, and will be handled accordingly. The Administration will temporarily ease punishment if a rule has been updated unpronounced to a user’s notice. This also applies to the discord and Plazma Burst 2 Code of Conduct.


All rules listed if broken can be punishable by any means deemed by the discretion of the Staff representative resolving an incident. Punishment severity and times may vary.

Nsfw channels are enter at your own risk at all given times. The administration provides these locations but do not endorse the content distributed within them.
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