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Postby broforce1 » 26 November 2020, 17:22

well ay, in my opinion:

what does make the marine and noir lime the best soldiers on earth:

- they are brave
- they are patient
- true heroes who can be responsible for most of the things
- the only volunteers who decide to go into the ass pain travel unlike the other pussy marines
- they being very potential to save the world
- they are well trained
- eliminated a lot of enemies

well generally, they are the only people who volunteered to go fight for the earth race, which proves that they are really brave to have the required endurance and qualifications to survive, they are definitely patient and confident, also responsible on their job and they do really know what are they doing, so what's in your opinion, feel free to reply!
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Re: What makes the marine & noir lime ( the best heroes)?

Postby mokaal » 26 November 2020, 17:53

I don't think that they're " heroes " but they are more like " anti hero " to me ( mixture of hero and villian ) but yeah, they did what they had to do, fixing the C9's mistake ( making a portal for aliens and so on).

To me, CS is a hero faction to me, different opinions exists according to other people
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Re: What makes the marine & noir lime ( the best heroes)?

Postby Gashadokuro » 27 November 2020, 15:37

We know literally nothing about them unfortunately. At most you might prefer one's armor or the other's guns.
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Re: What makes the marine & noir lime ( the best heroes)?

Postby nightmar » 27 November 2020, 21:25

How did you make the conclusion that they are patient?
How many bugs does this game have anyway? jeez
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