would the protagonist sacrifice?

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would the protagonist sacrifice?

Postby broforce1 » 10 September 2020, 19:31

I don't know if that was lore actually, but we are talking about the heroes, which they encluded on the game lore so whatever, would the marine think to sacrifice to save the world if there's no other way?

imagine, the marine from PB1 and PB2, had a lot of armor and gun upgrades, a lot of guns, passed a lot of missions, and then you see him dies on PB2.5, marine dies, proxy cries, noir lime salute too.
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Re: would the protagonist sacrifice?

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 11 September 2020, 19:21

Probably. Then again, you play as the Marine. If you want to be a selfish ******* and save yourself while Earth dies, then that's your choice I guess. Speaking of which it would be cool if the PB2.5 campaign had multiple endings and whatnot.
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