How the Usurpations found Earth

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How the Usurpations found Earth

Postby EOw » 20 August 2020, 23:13

The year is 2066. At the time, there are two powerful nations in the world: Republic of Citizen's Interest, Empire of China.

The Empire of China created Correction Nine to create a new type of warfare. They created biological weapons(The development of Nuclear Weapons had been abandoned after a group of terrorists had launched a Nuclear Weapon on June 13, 2024 toward New York City), and they were very advanced.

Republic of Citizen's Interest had a company of their own. They called it: Searching For Extraterrestrials Association(SFEA). The SFEA had developed products for scientists to buy in the hopes of finding other life forms outside of Earth. In a survey conducted on 2065, every 9 out 10 homes in Republic of Citizens Interest had SFEA's products. Telescopes for children, advanced computer systems for scientists. SFEA had a great amount of political power, and but they were still searching for extraterrestrials.

On December 14, 2066 SFEA had found a planet located near the star Sirius. There were life forms there, as well as an advanced civilization. They were called Usurpations.

The following week, Republic of Citizen's Interest had gone to another war with Empire of China(The 1,500th war between the two nations), and SFEA had a meeting. Here is a recording of their meeting:

(Founder)Richard Hernandez: Hello everyone. We are here today to talk about an important choice that my board member and I have thought of.

*Richard stands up, and walks over to the giant flat screen projector on the wall. He puts on a video*

Richard Hernandez: In 2020, the first biological weapon to be tested was called COVID-19. It was a very good test, and it was more of a preview towards biological warfare. After COVID-19 got cleaned up, on June 13, 2024, the first act of Nuclear Terrorism happened. A Nuclear bomb destroyed New York City. A country called the United States shortly collapsed in the following months.

(President of SFEA)Hannah Hernandez: What we're trying to say is this. In 2050 the population tripled. Too many humans meant a loss of food. War destroyed many countries. We have been so desensitized, that every time we have a biological warfare with Empire of China, we barely respond. So, what Richard and I were thinking is this. We destroy the human race for good.

*Everyone in the room looks at each other. People raise eyebrows*

Richard Hernandez: Remember the aliens we found last week? After our first contact, we found out that they have advanced machines. They have robots!! Technology we couldn't even understand!! So, what I thought of is this: Let's allow the Usurpations to invade us.

(Board Member)Billy Hogan: What about us?

Hannah Hernandez: There are a few abandoned nuclear bunkers nearby from an event called the Cold War. We will all hide out there, and when we're sure that every single human is disposed of, we will destroy those pathetic aliens, and the world will be ours.

In the following days, the Usurpations invaded Earth. At the same time, two people were sent from Empire of China to change history. Their names?

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Re: How the Usurpations found Earth

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 20 August 2020, 23:15

Wow such conspiracy.
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Re: How the Usurpations found Earth

Postby lrv » 21 August 2020, 11:05

This theory/story isn't canon. It was explained in Pb2 campaign and by Eric Gurt, that the Usurpers caught Earth's attention after experiments on long-range portals.
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Re: How the Usurpations found Earth

Postby EOw » 21 August 2020, 22:46

This was meant to be non-canon.

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