Community factions Lore #2: Federation Block

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Community factions Lore #2: Federation Block

Postby tehswordninja » 17 August 2020, 08:11

I promise I'll do Crossfire eventually. Just have a lot more interest and ideas for da Feds. A lot of my ideas are very experimental - let me know if something doesn't make sense, or could be improved, and I'll get right on it.

oh and by the way, check out Cakespider's post on the faction, since he's the main person behind it:

This post will be going over the community factions, where they fit into the overall lore (or how they could better fit), and in addition I'll be giving my thoughts on them. Overall this will be my personal take on each of these factions, though I will gather as much information as possible from the creators of each faction and attempt to adhere as best as I can.

Initial lore stuff:
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The Civil Security are "Earth's Army", as stated by Eric. This hasn't been super elaborated on (but there have been some hints here and there) but we can assume the following:
The CS are likely a very large, unified defense force for Earth. Their existence makes a lot of sense when, if my timeline post is correct (go read if you haven't yet), Earth was aware of the Usurpations for at least a decade or two.

Therefore we can make the assumption that they are likely the attempt of a unified defense for Earth for when the Usurpations invade. Eric has mentioned that Earth has attempted many such unifications in the past, and split up just as much - perhaps Earth has finally had some real motivation to unify.

Eric has admitted there are likely still various countries/factions that rival the Civil Security to some degree.

I'll be keeping the above in mind when I talk about the community factions. Anyway, on to the factions.

Federation Block

The Federation Block is a heavily militarized regime, with several planets and systems under their control. Their influence and their territory both lie far beyond the boundaries of Sol, and yet their beginnings are tied to Earth itself. Many, many decades ago, a group of nationalists and globalists banded together, in the lands which well over 500 years ago used to be named "Russia". An emerging political mindset was in the works, but the discovery of the peaceful Falkoks fueled the fire. Members of this political movement hated the peace, hated that humanity did not have the most advanced technology in the galaxy, and they hated that the Falkoks were different - sentient, yet not human. Their views were ousted by most, but like-minded people flocked to them. Eventually, with enough political turmoil, rising tensions, and borderline extremist acts, conflict arose.

These conflicts lead to the birth of a unified force - The Federation. And while it looked nothing like it does today, its core ideas remain in the minds of the Federation's citizens. The capture of an advanced rocket facility is what sparked the minds behind the Federation into considering the idea of leaving Earth behind entirely. Humanity had already been to the stars - it had colonies, many just starting out, and some well established. So it was not unreasonable, and perhaps, quite the opposite, to leave Earth behind and head for the stars. With as much personnel and space capable craft as possible, the Federation left not just Earth behind - it left its extremist methods as well. The leaders of the Federation felt a symbolic connection to their departure and came to realize their methods were not required no longer. From that day forward, the Federation sought only pragmatic progress.

As decades passed, the Federation grew into a well armed military with a functioning government. It's influence spread to Earth colonies who had differing political views, and soon they joined the Federation, adding to its members. The Federation constructed facilities dedicated to producing weapons and vehicles to destroy any would be invaders, and to prepare for eventual war with the Falkoks, or any other alien race they encountered. These weapons and vehicles, compared to modern day, Civil Security-run Earth, were borderline primitive. Yet the Federation were not tied down by regulation, nor military bureaucracy. They overcame primitiveness via over engineering and sheer determination. Bulky, durable, and stretched to their limits, the war machines of the Federation are slow to wake, but deadly.

One may hear the creak and strain of hydraulics as the legs of a Federation Titan-Class Mech slowly marches forward, or the thrusters of a Federation Dropship roar with power as it descends into battle. Outdated, yet massive engines power these behemoths, requiring much maintenance. Yet the firepower Federation vehicles and craft can bring onto their foes is truly stunning, and is not matched by most. As for handheld weapons, so too are they big and bulky. Often firing large caliber rounds, Federation firearms are built to last, and are capable of surviving harsh weather and other conditions. In recent years even energy and plasma weapons, built with similar design doctrine, have been created for use in the Federation's army. The armor worn by Federation troops lacks things like a high tech hud, but provides incredible protection, owing to its heavily reinforced and thick armor plating.

A thorn in Earth's side, the Federation presents itself as a potentially deadly foe, yet one far removed from itself. And it is most certainly true, for when the Usurpation invasion of Earth occurred, the Federation were completely unaware, only gaining limited information via their limited communication ties to Earth. The Federation wished nothing to do with Earth, but an alien invasion went against their very core ideals. With heavy hearts, yet deep resolve, a task force was assembled. The latest ships and weapons sent off to deal with the "alien scum" set course for a planet they were expecting to go to under very, very different circumstances. And perhaps, that is for the better.
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Re: Community factions Lore #2: Federation Block

Postby yizhe » 17 August 2020, 10:38

This lore should be added to pb3. It is very detailed and suits the timeline EXTREMELY well
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Re: Community factions Lore #2: Federation Block

Postby CakeSpider » 21 August 2020, 03:58

i pretty love this post, i don't sure about "Russia", i don't think in Plazma Burst has same countries as in real world or they didn't have them even. What about future(end) of Federation in universe of PB, I will refuse about collapse of block and selling fed. stuff. Actually federation is about globalism with xenophobia against alien forms
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Re: Community factions Lore #2: Federation Block

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 25 August 2020, 16:05

I'd rather have our countries of today still exist.
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