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Correction Nine Lore

Postby The_Commander » 4 July 2020, 00:15

Given that the Plazma Burst series, canonically, is mostly Correction Nine's fault, there should be expansive lore about them. Surprisingly(or maybe not), their quite limited lore is the most detailed canon in the series. Techswordninja's timeline gives an outline that I recommend reading before continuing.

We know C9 opened the portal to the Ursurpation homeworld around 25 years ago, and sent (at the very least) the Marine and Noir Lime back in time to prevent this from happening. Shortly after, the group was dissolved and its equipment was sold to various factions.
This brings me to the reason I made this post-Why was C9 dissolved, and what took place in this era? I'll let you guys discuss it before I put my quarter in.

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Re: Correction Nine Lore

Postby tehswordninja » 4 July 2020, 04:52

They shut down and had their technology sold to various factions most likely due to no results. When the Marine and Noir Lime got sent not only to the wrong time, but also to the wrong location, with no way of contacting them, after years and years of waiting to contact them it seems pretty logical they were shut down. Likely it was out of their hands - they were probably shut down by a larger government, rather than shutting down themselves.
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Re: Correction Nine Lore

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 14 August 2020, 20:23

A more... unusual theory of mine is that the Usurpations knew of CO9's plan, and they forcefully shut down the organization by killing everyone. Later on, leftover equipment might've been salvaged and then kept or sold by other factions.
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