Nexxon Corporation Formations

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Nexxon Corporation Formations

Postby kekified » 29 April 2020, 01:37

A brief disclaimer: None of this is confirmed official or canon yet. This is just my personal lore about Nexxon that I felt like posting. This post includes up-to-date information on the current Nexxon infantry types and may be updated soon to include more information.

This also means that any Nexxon-related images from the custom decorations system aren't up-to-date with current Nexxon lore. I just didn't feel like deleting the custom images because people might've been using them already.

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A small Nexxon three-man squad, consisting of a single heavy contractor and two light contractors

NXAC - Nexxon Armed Contingents
Nexxon's mainline infantry forces, fully self-sufficient and capable of functioning in most combat environments. The Armed Contigents form the backbone of most Nexxon infantry forces and have access to most, if not all of Nexxon's weaponry - as well as specialized ballistic shields for close encounters to complement their various thermite-based melee weapons. Their exoskeletons and gas masks shield them from gunfire and hazardous chemicals. NXAC operatives are well-trained and may specialize in a variety of roles - serving as marksmen, designated gunners, vehicle operators, technicians and close quarters combatants. They often receive close support from Nexxon's infamous gunships and commonly operate tough and well-armoured fighting vehicles.

Nexxon contractors in winter gear

In light of the death tolls during Nexxon's brutal Northern campaign, where reportedly more men were lost to the harsh cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions rather than to enemy troops, winter equipment and training for NXAC soldiers was created and issued at the order of Nexxon's Hightower Command. Nexxon arctic units boast tougher suits, superior training and special arctic equipment to ensure their top performance and survival in the harsh arctic environments.

A group of NXSC officers. Left to right: patrol officer, riot control officer, high alert responder

NXSC - Nexxon Security Corps
Founded at the order of the Nexxon Hightower Command, the Security Corps provide an answer to the high command's demand for a dedicated, fast-response civilian control force. Equipped with stun batons and concealable, compact sub-machine guns, NXSC officers specialize in keeping the civilian populace under control and protected. Their specialties are riot control, armed escort and security and fast-response counter terrorism operations. NXSC contractors receive additional training in riot control, close quarters combat and explosive ordnance defusal to aid with their role.

NXSC officers can and will utilize riot shields, tear gas, shotguns and explosive charges under specific scenarios where the stated equipment is required. Although not as powerful as the models used by NXAC operatives, their exoskeletons allow them to overpower and capture their targets more easily, and their respirators protect them from chemical weapons - as well as their own tear gas. Their shotguns may be fitted with rubber shells for the purpose of crowd control, while their composite riot shields provide equal protection against gunfire, projectiles and incendiary weapons. In extreme cases, NXSC operatives may utilize modified gunships - these gunships are refitted with a searchlight, a passenger cabin and a door-mounted machinegun. Concerns have been raised over the use of excessive force by NXSC officers - but these have been quickly dismissed by Nexxon command.
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Re: Nexxon Corporation Formations

Postby Girl_Power » 2 May 2020, 01:24

Nexxon has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I first learned about it when I saw a custom decor poster about it.
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