there's another correction than the correction nine?

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there's another correction than the correction nine?

Postby broforce1 » 25 December 2019, 15:54

so u know,Correction Nine is a faction of Humans which likely involves the heroes and their objectives.

for more info..

but u didnt wonder that it will be another correction in the upcoming game,or there is actually
another correction that its still not appears yet,imagine what kind of correction will effect on the story
and it has another symbol,another factions and another things and objectives,and who knows that
if in another corrections there will be heroes or enemies,and how many of them will appears,so u know
kinda be a mystery,but i think no one will discuss about this so hope to discuss about it yep.
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Re: there's another correction than the correction nine?

Postby mrblake213 » 26 December 2019, 09:08

You linked the former, older, and unofficial wiki.

Try to check the official wiki handled by the staff team,

Thank you.

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