Plazma Burst Movie?

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Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby EOw » 29 April 2020, 18:35

I do believe that for more people to know about Plazma Burst 2, is for a movie to happen.

However, I don't know if it should be Live Action of an Animated feature.

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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby Ayano » 30 April 2020, 10:10

It is insanely unlikely for it to happen.
But if it would ever happen id rather see it animated
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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby Build » 30 April 2020, 10:36

paul308 base movie while the half of the movie is trash talking
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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby Girl_Power » 2 May 2020, 01:20

This is highly unlikely. Also, if PB2 were to have a movie, it should be about the storyline instead of the actual players. In other words, the movie should follow the Marine, Proxy, and Noir Lime in their journey.
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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 3 June 2020, 21:06

No offense or anything, but PB2's story is not really that memorable, and so far the games have done horrible executing them.
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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby yi en » 4 June 2020, 08:02

So far, the PB2 campaign is not really to come out with a movie only if the story writing has such good quality as Deemo has thus the map development is needed to be good.

But if we looked at community, somebody make a documentation about clans I would already be grateful for that. Imagine clan wars into a movie.
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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby black white » 17 March 2021, 13:30

animated and live action would be great, but which actors would you choose?

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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby YRN4LYFE » 19 March 2021, 16:29

Jeff1999 made a clan wars series, that's the closest pb2 has ever gotten to a pb2 movie. it's pretty good it's on youtube currently if you wanna see it

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Re: Plazma Burst Movie?

Postby Paul Jackson CS » 8 June 2021, 02:31

Well, do you have millions (or even billions) of dollars to spend on production value? If you do, then I am up for it xd. Away from the jokes, a PB movie would have to be animated. Reasons have been stated already, PRODUCTION COST. But even an animation would take lots of time and effort, plus money, a lot of money. Though, less than the money it would take to produce a movie. The overall design of the project would also take some consideration. Would you want an animation that has vector graphics and looks hideous? Or would you want an animation that looks nice and appealing? One very good example of this is Black Plasma Studios. They make incredible Minecraft animations. And we have to remember that Minecraft is a PIXELATED GAME. So this method of detail could be applied to a PB animation, a vector art game. Plus, the animation would have to be 3D to actually look immersive, not the 2D vector graphics art style we see in PB. Other than all of the points I have discussed, I tried my best not to demotivate anyone who actually wants to work on a PB animation or movie. But my point is that it will take months or even years of work to complete, plus money, lots of it.

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