Civil Security vs. Usurpation Forces Comparison | VERY LONG!

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Civil Security vs. Usurpation Forces Comparison | VERY LONG!

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 15 September 2020, 20:56

This Is Just My Take On The Matter. Feel Free To Input Ideas Of Your Own.

Done in my free time...

In one corner, we have the Civil Security, Earth's most formidable and advanced military force. In another corner, we have the Usurpation Forces, an advanced alien race that annexes planets before breakfast.
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Given how little we know about both factions, much of the facts are up to speculation.

Civil Security
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Civil Security is most likely a large military organization that conducts operations worldwide, and possibly off-planet as well. They manufacture and use some of the most advanced technology in the world, everything from state of the art assault rifles to railguns and that BNG (can't forget that). Their troops are well trained and well equipped with the latest gadgets and whatnot, and they have bases all over the world. When the Usurpations invaded Earth, it was clear right away that these were the right guys to be in charge of defending the planet.

Usurpation Forces
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We know even less about this mysterious alien race that came out of nowhere. But there are few facts that we know for certain, and much more information that has been deduced. The Usurpation Forces are an advanced race of sentient humanoid creatures of extraterrestrial origin. After the organization Correction 9 opened up a portal to another world, the Usurpations discovered Earth and decided to invade. The exact reasons of this invasion are unknown, but it is most likely because the Usurpations want to capture Earth and use it for their own purposes, and they are more than willing to annihilate the human race if that's what it takes. It's likely the Usurpations have done this sort of thing before, and they are more advanced than the humans to an unknown degree. However, the Usurpations were unable to flex their technological superiority that much as many of their weapons and equipment were rendered ineffective or considered impractical when brought to Earth. Despite this, the Usurpations were able to take the initiative on an unsuspecting human race in a swift and brutal invasion.

Units/Weapons, Strengths/Weaknesses, and Tactics

A lot of speculation comes into play here regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the two factions and their tactics. I'll try my best. Remember that this is just my opinion on how each faction works.

Civil Security
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Defined by their cutting edge technology, Civil Security soldiers are a force to be reckoned with. Advanced armor, weaponry, and training make CS soldiers more resilient than their Usurpation counterparts, and heavy weapons can cut down swaths of aliens with ease.

Lite soldiers are the flimsier of the bunch, but they have great mobility thanks to their lighter armor. Their weapons range from rifles and pistols to rocket launchers.
Heavies, on the other hand, are the opposite. Their thick armor grants them little mobility, but large amounts of protection. Increased stability allows them to handle heavy weapons with more control and makes them vital assets in defense scenarios. Their equipment is similar to what the Lites use, but it may include more heavy weapons such as launchers and heavy railguns.
Civil Security Bosses are a cross between Heavies and Lites, combining toughness and mobility to create the ultimate super soldier. Add on extra training and 8 slots of hi-tech weaponry, and you have yourself a one man army.
On a quieter note, Civil Security has an elite force of recon units, known as "Ghosts" equipped with advanced cloaking mechanisms that makes them invisible to the naked eye. These units can be scary to go up against in combat, while their stealth capabilities are put to good use for intel gathering, reconnaissance, and sabotage. Ghosts are more discreet when it comes to their loadout. Their weapons of choice are their PSI Blades, which enable them to maintain covertness, although they are proficient with all sorts of firearms.

Civil Security emphasizes the abilities of individual soldiers, ensuring each individual is in their peak shape and properly equipped before sending them to the front. Man for man, the Civil Security forces are better than the Usurpations. Additionally, being native to Earth, the CS has the home turf advantage. Not only does this mean they are more familiar with the terrain, but it also means that they can send new units and equipment to the front lines. While the Usurpations are forced to use stolen human weaponry in order to keep up, Civil Security forces have equipment and vehicles (especially vehicles) rolling of the assembly line straight into their armories. The Usurpations were able to import some of their own vehicles alongside their forces, but most of their army on Earth consists of infantry.

On the flip side, the CS forces most notably lack strength in numbers. Although there have been instances of CS forces having a numerical advantage, much of the time it is a smaller (but better equipped) team of soldiers facing down an endless horde of Usurpations. Usually in this case the CS forces find themselves outnumbered, outgunned, overwhelmed, running out of ammo, and possibly outflanked as the aliens surround the smaller force with their vast numbers. Unless support can arrive to take of some of the pressure, it doesn't end well for the humans. In fact, in the opening days of the invasion, when the Usurpations were only equipped with their most basic weaponry, strength in numbers in addition to the element surprise were what enabled them to secure a foothold on the planet, not superior training or equipment. In addition, Civil Security's role as the defending belligerent means that it is obligated to the protection of human civilians. This may put some restrictions on decisions Civil Security can make and possibly force them into undesirable situations.

Knowing that they will be outnumbered in nearly every engagement, CS forces opt to win battles with superior weaponry, equipment, and positioning than through sheer volume of fire and strength in numbers, using the mobility of smaller fireteams to their advantage and taking large chunks out of the Usurpation forces with heavy weapons. During a battle, the bulk of the CS forces take the aliens head on while smaller teams move to flank the enemy and catch them in a crossfire.
Civil Security has more mechanised forces than the Usurpations, and they don't hesitate to take advantage of that. On the ground, vehicles such as Hound Walkers and MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) decimate the Usurpations, while aircraft rain death from above; precision guided munitions make short, efficient work of the aliens. Civil Security ground forces have been saved countless times by close air support courtesy of their vast armada of aircraft.

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Where Civil Security focuses more on quality, Usurpations rely more on quantity and overwhelming strength in numbers to win battles. Although this seems like an out of date strategy, the Usurpations have been able to use it to great effect. Usurpation soldiers are generally weaker, with units that range from conscripts to high ranking officers and elite soldiers. But they more than make up for it with seemingly endless pools of reserves. With nearly bottomless resources, the Usurpations are destined win any war of attrition.

Usurpation Soldier Minors are most likely conscripts of the Usurpation Military or recruits. Their equipment is very basic, consisting of the standard alien rifle and the horrid alien rail pistol issued as a sidearm. :nope: They aren't very well trained, either, and their armor is subpar at best. Their high numbers make for good cannon fodder and diversions, however, and large amounts of these guys can still swarm and overwhelm smaller teams of CS soldiers, albeit taking heavy casualties.
Usurpation Soldier Majors are veterans and the backbone of the Usurpation Forces and, and some of them even hold low positions of rank over their fellow soldiers. They have access to standard alien weaponry in addition to human weapons like railguns and rocket launchers. Like the minors, their main advantage lies in their numbers, although with improved weaponry, armor, and training, smaller numbers of these guys can still put up some stubborn resistance.
Advanced Usurpation Soldiers are specialists and/or high ranking soldiers that preside over the Minors and Majors. They use the more powerful Alien Shotgun and increase their firepower with stolen human tech. Although their numbers are far more scarce, their improved equipment and training make them a formidable foe. A couple of these guys are enough to ruin Civil Security's day. However, their bright white armor makes them easily distinguishable among their comrades, and are frequently targeted by CS snipers.
Usurpation Destroyer: Well trained and equipped with the most advanced armor and weapons the Usurpations have access to, Destroyers are dressed to kill, in a very literal sense. Destroyers are deployed when standard Usurpation Soldiers alone are unable to withstand the human forces. They prefer to work separately from other Usurpations, although they are often sent to supplement standard Usurpation forces in the battlefield. In addition to standard Usurpation weaponry, Destroyers can access stolen human tech, namely the CS-BNG.
Usurpation Ranger: Rangers are most likely elite or covert operatives within the Usurpation ranks that specialize in special operations. Considering that they are special operations forces, Usurpation Rangers have a very broad variety of weapons to choose from. They can be anything from Usurpation weapons like the Alien Rifle to more exotic choices such as the Acid GL. Rangers usually operate separately from conventional units although they have been observed fighting alongside them as well.

Usurpations are pretty much the opposite of CS forces, preferring quantity over quality. Often times this is a deciding factor in battles between the two factions. The Usurpations appear to have a nearly bottomless supply of manpower and reinforcements, able to draw resources from previously conquered planets as well as their home planet for the war effort. The CS, on the other hand, receive virtually no off-planet support, and are limited by what is already on the planet for them to use. The Usurpations also had the element of surprise in the initial attack, although this has gradually worn off as the invasion progressed. Additionally, Usurpations have no problem with executing human civilians, and are therefore not impeded by the presence of non-combatants. With their endless resources and previous combat experience from conquering other worlds, the Usurpations have the advantage when it comes to a drawn out war of attrition.

Weaknesses: The individual Usurpation soldier leaves a lot to be desired. They are generally considered inferior to CS troops, and while large numbers of them can successfully overwhelm human forces, single Usurpation soldiers are easy prey for Civil Security soldiers. Most battles between the two factions see heavy casualties for both sides, even though the Usurpations almost always had the strength in numbers. It was reported that for every casualty the CS took, at least two or more casualties were inflicted on the enemy side. Although Usurpations commanders are not alarmed by the casualties, the same could not be said by soldiers fighting on the front line. The ridiculous death rate is a major contributing factor in the decline of morale. Usurpations also have a hard time delivering anything other than infantry to the planet. During the opening invasion, large Usurpation landing craft attempted to insert troops by air, but human defense systems were more resilient than expected. The aircraft made easy targets and were shot out of the sky. The majority of infantry was delivered via long range one-way teleportation and through drop pods, neither of which was very effective in maintaining unit cohesion and resulted in much confusion among the alien ranks before they could regroup. Seeing as the only way to deliver machinery, such as armor and aircraft, was through bulky landing crafts, the Usurpations were extremely lacking in mechanised forces and air support, while the humans enjoyed the advantage of a reliable supply of vehicles.

At the beginning of the invasion, several Usurpations were able to teleport or drop directly to Earth. Landing craft carrying heavier equipment were mostly lost, so the invasion was mainly carried out by infantry. The suddenness of the assault and the fact that aliens were simply everywhere resulted in human defences being overwhelmed. However, the lack of unit cohesion among the Usurpation units as well as the lack of armor and adequate air cover turned what was supposed to be a swift and overwhelming attack to a long drawn out war. As the human forces counterattacked with heavy firepower and airstrikes, they were able to retake some of the territories that were lost to the Usurpations, and all in all stood their ground on the planet. The Usurpations set up territories of their own, digging in and preparing their next plan of attack. Because the planet limited the types of weapons the Usurpations could use, the first wave of invaders were armed with mundane weapons, and were forced to scavenge human weapons for use. This was not a problem to them, as the Usurpations were adept at using and copying weapons acquired from previously conquered planets. This trait was double edged, however. The advantage was that the Usurpations had a much more flexible and versatile loadout, and could easily be supplied by enemy caches. The disadvantage was that the Usurpations would be limited by the technology of the enemy, and the aliens' technological advances would be meaningless if they could not be utilized properly. In addition to weapons, the Usurpations also made extensive use of vehicles such as Hound Walkers. Captured Civil Security tanks were copied by the Usurpations and their design refined and used in their own MBTs. In fact, some of the early Usurpation tanks were in fact heavily modified CS tanks taken from the frontline.
The Usurpations believed that numbers were the most important factor in war. Their opinion quickly changed in the early days of the invasion. During one particular battle, the Usurpations lead a massive infantry charge across open ground under a clear sky. However, human air support arrived and opened fire on the clumped mass of aliens, annihilating the entire battalion of troops. The human ground forces, consisting of a little over one hundred men with a few armored vehicles, were completely unscathed, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the massacre ensue in the distance. After this humiliating defeat, the Usurpations changed their tactics, and future engagements saw the Usurpations spreading out and utilizing the wide reach granted to them by their numbers to flank and encircle human forces.


You either skipped my entire analysis of the two factions or you actually read the entire thing, in which case, good for you and thank you for appreciating my effort! So who do you think has the edge: Civil Security or the Usurpation Forces? Which faction do you root for? What do you think should be changed or added to this post? Leave a reply!

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Re: Civil Security vs. Usurpation Forces Comparison | VERY L

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