level 42 story?

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level 42 story?

Postby broforce1 » 30 June 2020, 13:09

would the story of that android continue or no, I would expect more levels later in pb2.5, and I will also expect that android to see ravens, want do you think will happen, will we have level 43 and 44 and more in the future?

because I don't prefer someone else like a normal player to make more maps for that android, I rather from the original story.
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Re: level 42 story?

Postby STEFANO2008 » 30 June 2020, 19:21

Unofficial wiki says that the possible story is that the android malfunctioned and defected from the CS faction or that the android is a runaway prisoner.

And here comes the part where i suppose what is the story.

The android reaches the cave, CS sends Ghosts to kill the android but the android escapes.

Idk what comes next after level 42
idk what i can put here

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Re: level 42 story?

Postby Girl_Power » 30 June 2020, 22:12

I would like to see the story continue with the androids and somehow they would meet with the Marine, Proxy, and Noir Lime and work together to survive. Would be an interesting storyline in my opinion.
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Re: level 42 story?

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 6 July 2020, 18:27

Ravens are apparently suits being tested by Civil Security. Interesting to see what they would do. If the Android was to meet one, then it would most likely be as an enemy.
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Re: level 42 story?

Postby Luka55 » 6 July 2020, 18:58

I just wanted to say that, the raven suit was specifically designed to kick rebelling androids' asses. In the official raven suit lore post on the forum, the creator of it said that while making the suit, one of the scientists said [I don't exactly remember if a scientist said it but whatever,]: "A suit fast enough to shove a boot up their a**** before they even see it."

So, in my opinion, a raven would actually beat an android, also it would 100% be an enemy to the raven if the android was malfunctioning and rebelling.

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