【Skin】Plazma Burst 2 New Physics

【Skin】Plazma Burst 2 New Physics

Postby yi en » 9 June 2020, 19:09

Title: Plazma Burst 2: New Physics
Tags: skins
Author: TheGoldenMaster
Multiplayer Supported: -

This is the modification which TheGoldenMaster made, it is as the name recalls it-New Physics.
Although there's not much difference in the physics , judging by playing this modification.
But there are a few replacement skins for in-game original skins.
Like for example, the Civil-Lite skin.
-Civil Security's Assault Rifle.
-Kick-ass difficulty even in the "Easy" difficulty chosen.
(at least for me)
-Includes the new update for the kinetic-module, which for some gamers it made itself a unstable feature to use, and for some gamers(including me) it's fun to just fly around and do crazy shit.



Download link:
Version 1.0: https://icedrive.net/0/d5OPXU4Hjc

If you doesn't know how to play the .swf files click me.
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Re: 【Skin】Plazma Burst 2 New Physics

Postby BlasterCat » 10 June 2020, 14:36

I don't know maybe this bug is only for me,but when i fly using kinetic module my character nocliping every push area.

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