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PL [ Staff Code of Conduct ]

Postby Tempus » 22 January 2019, 05:27

1. Staff members are to be unbiased in their decisions and their actions.

2. Staff members will treat all users of the server equitably. No matter who they are, what your personal relations with them are, or what your opinions of them are.

3. No staff member should be using their power for their own benefit. This includes but is not limited to:
- Muting, kicking, or banning users that you have personal issues with.
- Creating custom roles for friends.
- Helping friends get unmuted or unbanned.
- Ordering users around for your own benefit or threatening to use your power on users who have not broken any rules.
- Changing users' nicknames for fun.
- Removing and giving roles to users (including yourself) or modifying certain roles without proper approval, such as the Manager role or team roles.
- Using content found in any of the private staff-only channels (channels falling under the "Logs" category) to blackmail users.

4. Do not create new channels and roles - or edit any existing channels and roles - without the approval of the commissioners or the council.

5. Staff members are not exempt from the rules just because of their rank in the server.

6. Staff members should not be trying to deliberately get users into trouble (e.g. baiting users into breaking the rules).

7. Staff members are never to delete any messages in the channels that fall under the "Logs" category.

8. Never reveal sensitive information to regular users (i.e. information found in private staff-only channels).

9. Staff members are never to enact punishment on their fellow staff members. All disputes between staff members are to be decided by members of the council and the commissioners. If there are ever any disagreements about actions a staff member has taken, notify a superior.

- C o n s e q u e n c e s -

1. Warnings.
2. A mute.
3-1. Demotion.
-2. Temporary or permanent ban.
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