.: Level Editors League :. —— Information and Updates

Plazma League Season 2!

.: Level Editors League :. —— Information and Updates

Postby yi en » 26 March 2020, 07:42

.: Level Editors League :.
Information and Updates
Last Updated: 26th of March 2020.

Concept and Organisation:
    Host: yi en
    Starting from May, the event will begin on the 1st of every three month.
    Participants can start building their map based on the new format of themes from the 1st of the month and have approximately 3 weeks to submit the map.
    Other map testers will have one week to vote which map you think is the best.
    In each event, I will be putting the specific dates for each event since months vary.
    This is the official level editors contest for plazma burst 2. A new thread will be made for each theme table.

Entering the event:
    > When submitting your map, remember to follow the submissions template - this makes it much easier to determine if your map is suitable.
    > Don't use anyone else's work. Enter only your own maps.
    > Maps must follow at least 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green monthly criteria. Orange are optional for extra points. The box below is one of the examples we would be in the scenarios:

    Let's take an example, I pick A3(red), C3(green) and C4(blue) to fulfil the minimum requirements, meanwhile I think my map also fulfills E2(orange) so I decided take that as extra challenge for points.
    > Reviews and feedback should not be made in the thread.
    > Keep the submission thread clean - if you have a question, Contact me on Plazma League Server.
    > Each participants is eligible to submit 1 map files only. If you give me latest, I will just replace it before the deadline strikes the clock.
    > Don't edit your map other than minor bug fixes once submitted.
    > You had to submit the .pb2 format files to me, and I will help you upload it to another account which stores all previous season map contest submission for fair voting.
    > Feel free to add description for you map, I will help you add it up.

Phases Update:
1st month: Announcing the Table, giving a month of time for developers to submit the map.
2nd month 1st week: every player will be deserved a vote to their loved maps.
2nd month 4th week: winners will be announced and receive rewards.

Current status:
yi en wrote:Season 4 —— Theme period.
link: viewtopic.php?f=173&t=24115

Rewards Sections:
Awards will consist of custom rank and levels.
    1st Place: "Diamond Map Developer of Plazma Burst for achieving 1st place"
    2nd Place: "Gold Map Developer of Plazma Burst for achieving 2nd place"
    3rd Place: "Silver Map Developer of Plazma Burst for achieving 3rd place"
    Honorable Mention: Depends on how special/creative your map are, but sadly didn't get top 3.
> Runners up award may vary depending on how many people enter. For example, if there's <3 person then only 1st place will get it.

How to submit your maps?

2 ways.
1st way is post directly below this post, with your discord username, your map description, map title, your submission requirement table code (such as A1,B3,C6) and .pb2map file. (stop giving me xml file cuz xml can crash things away and away)

2nd way is directly private message me with your submissions with your PB2 username, your map description, map title, your submission requirement table code (such as A1,B3,C6) and .pb2map file. Either way from discord, site and forum private message works.

I would prefer the 2nd way cuz during the voting period nobody knows whose map is whose.

FAQ Sections:
    Q: When will results be announced?
    A: On the last week of the next month. For example, May results will be announced on June 21st along with the next theme.

    Q: What makes my map suitable to be in submission?
    A: The map must obey at least 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue (total 3) criteria. It must also be given a .pb2map files, non-offensive and cannot contain any major errors that make the map unplayable.

    Q: Is there extra points if I can able to follow all 25 criteria?
    A: No, except the orange boxes.

    Q: Tell me more about the 5x5 table and the red, blue, green and orange criteria.
    A: Every theme we would have 7 orange criteria and 6 red, green and blue criteria respectively.Red is story settings, Blue is additional building which is needed to add in your map, Green is game play restrictions and Orange is Bonus challenge. One map developer must accomplished 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue criteria in order to eligible to participate to the event. Most of the time red, green and blue are big directions (such as aliens, war, city etc) meanwhile the orange criteria are often hard and challenging (such as no slot N weapons, must beatable in what difficulty, map resize restrictions). But by doing and completed more orange criteria will grant you more points at bonus section.

    Q: Can I find some people to have a collab to submit the level editors event?
    A: You can participate the map event through solo or cooperate mode with no more than 4 people. (Honestly I am encouraging you guys do that, as a good map consist a lot of collaborations.) Thus, please get a leader and send me the submission and specify all your members, and your team name.

    Q: How is the map being judged?
    A: Now we have to make it in 3 categories:
      i. Voting
      ii. Specialist judgement
      iii. Criteria
    Voting is simple enough, all of the eligible submissions will appear there, anonymously and randomized. So it could be a good idea to show off your signature details in your submissions so people would try to guess who made this map. Besides, we offer the players to guess which submissions belongs to who. And we may reward the player based on how many correct assumptions have been made.

    Specialist judgement is a discussion and more professional judging towards some judges I had invited, and every month we would specify who is going to be our judges during voting period.

    Criteria is simple —— If you accomplished more orange criteria, more bonus points will be given.

Will keep updated soon enough until we have a fully customized system to deal with it.

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