.:[STICKY]:. How to Post an Approved Map Removal Request

Approved Map Removal Requests

.:[STICKY]:. How to Post an Approved Map Removal Request

Postby DoomWrath » 24 September 2017, 16:46

How to Post an Approved Map Removal Request

This topic will show you how to correctly post an Approved Map Removal Request. This forum section is for getting an approved map removed from the list of approved maps. This is a purposefully thorough process to ensure that every map being suggested is top quality. We wish to take map approvals seriously. (Note if you are the map owner, you can simply edit the map to overwrite and un-approve your map)

To post a request correctly, follow this form:

Part 1 - Prerequisites:
This will explain in more detail the process of map approval.

Spoiler: Show More
We understand the map approval system has its drawbacks, so we have created a forum section for requesting approvals, edits, and removal of inappropriate/outdated/low quality approved maps. We are allowing players to request that their own or other's maps be approved, which allows them to be used in Ranked and Approved gameplay in multiplayer. (Naturally this means only multiplayer maps can be approved)

When a request is made to edit, approve, or remove a map, anyone can comment feedback on the request, giving their own insights and either fighting or helping the case at hand. Feedback may also come from staff members or game development, who while gets the final say in whether a map is approved or not, value community input.

Part 2 - Rules:
This will explain the rules relating to this forum section.

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2.1: Your topic title should be in exactly the following format, square brackets and capitals included: "[REMOVAL REQUEST] map-ID Your topic should follow exactly the format of the Approved Map Removal Request Form.

2.2: You must first check to ensure the map you are posting has not been posted before. You must not post duplicate requests.

2.3: You must not use this forum section to discuss maps, to ask questions, or to post anything other than Map Approval Requests. You may give feedback on a specific map using the topic.

2.4: Any discussion and feedback relating to the request will be posted in the topic for that request. Feedback may not be given, or it can come from other players, from staff members, or from game development.

2.5: Misuse of this section, including posting incomplete or incorrect approval requests will result in an official forum warning being issued, which can lead to a ban. Please ensure you read and fully understand the process of requesting map approval.

Part 3 - Approved Map Removal Request Form:
You can copy and paste this into your topic, edit appropriately, then fill it out.

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- I have read and understand fully the Required Reading for posting a Map Approval Request: YES/NO
- I have read and understand fully the Map Approval Rules: YES/NO
- I have confirmed that this map is currently approved: YES/NO

- Map Name:
- Map ID:
- Link to Map Page:
- Link to Map Demo:

- In a few words, why do you think this map should not be approved?: EG, Outdated, unfair, map glitches present, etc
- In detail, why should the map not be approved?:
- Any other comments:

Please note that this forum area is to request a map be removed from the approved list, not to request a map be deleted.
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