Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby StuddyPuds » 9 August 2016, 14:09

Civilians? I know this is more for the game itself but for maps where you go into a civilized area, it'd be good.

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Terror Only » 9 August 2016, 19:47

- activate the gas spraying in region 'A' with gas color 'B'

- show symbol "A" in screen corner 'B' ('A' examples: radiation sign, high tempreture sign, cold sign, attention sign; 'B' examples: top right corner, top left corner, bottom left corner, bottom right corner

- cause dizziness of all players in region 'A' with power 'B' (slow screen shaking)

- play sound 'A' with the source of the sound in region 'B' (sry for my lame english. this trigger is pretty similar to the one we have in current pb2 editor but the difference is: you can hear the sound played if you are close to the source of it (if you're close to region 'B'). so if someone activated the trigger not every player will be able to hear the sound)
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby supertramp » 10 August 2016, 02:39

Trigger function:
Set trigger 'A' only can be activated by player 'B'
Set gun 'A' only for player 'B' (Set a gun for specific player)
Make character 'A' say text 'B' (Make a character says something with Chat Box pop up above its head. Useful for singleplayer story)

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Ray-Zor » 10 August 2016, 15:06

Rain Effect, new vehicles, new race of Aliens and weapons.
Trigger: Stop movement of character in Region A until player reached Region B.

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby jonb7 » 10 August 2016, 22:19

Well first of all, some things we all seem to want:
  • Rain effect, as well as other weather effects. Maybe we can adjust the different aspects of the weather, such as how heavy the rain is, clouds, lightning, etc.
  • Plants. Tall grass, trees, bushes, leaves on the ground, etc. Any kind of natural scenery.
  • Would be nice to have more wall types, such as rocks, dirt, etc.
  • Blood stains for the floor or walls.
  • Text, signs, and decals. That kind of stuff.
  • Fire and smoke effects would be wonderful. Damage can of course be adjusted using pushers.

Some ideas of my own:
  • Screens we can customize; We could set a loop of static, videos, or maybe even a camera system to see other parts of the map.
  • The ability to add wound effects to characters manually. (With Pb2.5 having damage effects for wounds.)(Also, it would be nice to have different effects for different types of wounds. I.e. in addition to gunshots, there could be plasma burns, scorched armor, acid burns, etc.)
  • Bullet holes, burns, and other damage effects for walls.
  • In terms of natural scenery, maybe simple animal life, such as birds flying around, or flys/some kind of insects in a small area.
  • Rather than using shallow water regions (Which will probably look weird with water physics in 2.5), why not a decor for puddles of water/shallow pools, that splashes when players walk through it? Or maybe, instead of that, an option to toggle swimming off on water regions, so that the interaction with the water is limited to splashes.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Xentoro » 13 August 2016, 15:28

My ideas, at least 3 new vehicles, turrets, AI would be really nice.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby jonb7 » 14 August 2016, 01:09

Xentoro wrote:My ideas, at least 3 new vehicles, turrets, AI would be really nice.

This topic is for cosmetic ideas, but yes, new vehicles would be nice. I'd love to see turrets. As for Ai, Eric is giving us lots of customization in 2.5.

Here's an idea- We can customize the player skins, why not customizable vehicles/vehicle skins? Certain parts such as the wheels of the rover could be swapped. And of course, for the whole vehicle, the same options for coloring the characters could be supplied, with the shape tools added, and all that.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby boom5 » 14 August 2016, 18:14

They should add a Hand Glider. That would be awesome. Or these.

Shift key: Switch between grenade types

Flash Bombs: Blinds and stuns all enemies on screen and not under cover or looking the other direction for a few seconds, but not the thrower and its allies.

Dust Bombs: Makes a dust clouds that when characters walk threw the dust moves like you walk through it. Perfect for fighting ghost.

AI should not see ghost at all.

AI turrets. (can see ghost) (uses vehicle weapons, or triggered vehicle weapons.)

Riot shields (indestructible, but cant protect you from explosives, splash and virus drones) and energy shields protect you from every thing but can be destroyed) Deployable and energy shields should have a lot more hit points.

:D :thank:
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby tehswordninja » 14 August 2016, 20:13

I'd like to remind people that this topic is about cosmetic ideas for the level editor, such as decor, not new vehicles, characters, etc.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby ustopable » 15 August 2016, 02:43

Put all decorations, vehicles characters and other as background
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Grim Reaper i » 15 August 2016, 12:59

Hex bg, bg which uses link of some pic- gota be updated over picuploader site
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Protonoid » 15 August 2016, 14:28

Pre-configured sets :

Pre-configured sets of triggers, timers, regions and movables in order to save time and work.
Generally, we have to configure a lot of timers, triggers and regions even to perform a very small piece of job. So this idea would save the time and work of users. Also, It will attract more players to the Level Editor.

For example :
Spoiler: Show More
We have to make a door that moves from region A to region B and back to region A.
Then first, We need to make a door and configure it. Next would be three regions (Region C; Activation of Trigger A) and 2 Triggers A and B and Timer A and that whole be configured with parameters and actions.

Instead of that we get those pre-configured from a menu placed somewhere in the Level Editor window that will contain a sub-menu named as "Movables" and in that a set Named as "Door.A.to.Region.B.and.Back.to.Region.A _Timer Based_Region.C.activation." or something near to it exists.

I know that will take a lot of time to make every single set but I think that would save much of time.
It will affect :
Spoiler: Show More
#No of Map makers
#Time taken to design a single maps
#More maps be made in same time
#Work needed to develop a map
#Inspire users to make more interesting maps
#Much more!
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby I_Future_I » 16 August 2016, 08:43

Trigger Action : Enable/Disable Psi-swords to Player A

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby KbroN » 16 August 2016, 10:55

Maybe... a possibility to rotate 360° the decorations and walls, and add the level editors background as part of the skies in engine marks, and change the bullet colors, change the time of recharge of some guns, and an option like this "move all guns in region A to B region" :roll:
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby king4k » 16 August 2016, 15:11



·Revive vehicle A
·Move vehicle A to region B
·Activate trigger A when all players are killed in region A that belong to team A
·Activate trigger A when all enemies are killed in region A
·The region can be activated by player A / all players in team A
·Active trigger A when player A hit by the bullet
·Give gun A to player A
·Change the bullet’s degree to straight / parabolic
·Mute the bullet’s sound
·Change the vehicle's color to A
·Activate trigger A when the barrel A explodes
·Make player A dying
·Make player A 's head/arms/legs broken
·Activate a random trigger
·Change gun A's appearance to B

·Insert sounds into the game
·Add parameter C into the trigger
·Add more action types into the trigger
·Activate a random trigger
·More explosion colors

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby N1C3 » 16 August 2016, 17:52

- set alliance between team A and team B
- convert gun A projectiles into plasma
- change gun A model into B
- set gun A projectile speed into B
- play sound A from library in region B
- more wall types (dirt, stone, wood)
- more background types (wood, leaves, stone)
- more decorations (streetlight, tree, wrecked car, drone or walker, unbreakable crate, rope without collision)
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby zhen » 18 August 2016, 09:05

Furniture like chairs and tables.Tech thingies like consoles and generators with disabled variants. different crates and barrels. and a hex color code laser.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby BloodShed04 » 18 August 2016, 09:26

Animated background (e.g. Ships moving/explosions in background)
Explosions may leave flames behind for a period of time.
Scorch marks.
A trigger engine that would add flashlights on a player's weapons.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby ustopable » 19 August 2016, 12:30

Guys remember that ideas around here are cosmetics not logics
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Wfrg » 19 August 2016, 20:15

"Debug" mode
While testing, this will show triggers activated, where regions are, health of stuff, etc
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