Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

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Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Tempus » 7 August 2016, 21:44


I wanted to start this topic to get some ideas from you guys for the Level Editor (LE). If you have any ideas for decorations or anything cosmetic please post it here and I'll update this post!

If you have an idea for a category that's not posted here. Name your category and I'll update this post.

• Trees
• Grass > Tall Grass

• Wires/cable

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby tehswordninja » 7 August 2016, 21:50

My ideas:

Crashed versions of all vehicles with the option of making them non-movable

Movable backgrounds (everyone is probably going to suggest this one tho)

Blood splatters on backgrounds

Ability to cut shapes into backgrounds (so you could make circles or whatever you wanted instead of the current square system)

Furniture (chairs, tables, benches, etc)

Fire (maybe) and Smoke (also maybe)

Different kinds of 'lamps' (stretched out for example) as well as actual light decor



Factory type things (generators, conveyor belts, chains, lifts, etc) with some being able to make noise


Wrecked cars (with a few different models)

Usurpation crashed ship (both static and animated)


Sound Regions: Basically regions that let you play certain songs/sounds/ambience
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Mirth » 7 August 2016, 21:51

Trigger action: Deal electric damage (damage per second) B in Region A.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby maxim12 » 7 August 2016, 21:56

Damaged panels (And non-damaged) models as decoration maybe?

Blood smudged on wall decoration?

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby xxx_LittleBlue_xxx » 7 August 2016, 22:10

Rain effect
Autumn environment stuff (like autumn trees )
Small animals (like rabbits, bugs, fire flies etc)

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Ghostehz » 7 August 2016, 22:26

Engine Mark: Insert permanent blood stains on the ground
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby tehswordninja » 7 August 2016, 22:32

margaret wrote:rain,storm cables. maybe this is good

This topic is for posting ideas.
Also, please, keep post quality in mind.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby spartan010 » 8 August 2016, 03:08

Add more building material such as metal.

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby mrnat444 » 8 August 2016, 03:16

Option to upload PNG and possibly GIF files onto the decor?
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Specter_ » 8 August 2016, 08:01

Engine mark: change ambient sound for indoors or outdoors
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Protonoid » 8 August 2016, 09:27

Other :
-Save Offline as .pb2map directly in case your connection goes out or Site goes down..

Gameplay :
-Damage sparks when a Character or some item gets damage.

Triggers :
-Make region "A" as a checkpoint number "B", so that there is no need to carry the whole procedure that doesn't even work every time.

Equipment :
-Parachute, Ik there is something called "life capsule" but isn't controllable in mid air.. and you can fly and shoot too.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby ustopable » 8 August 2016, 09:45

so cosmetic hmm.....

Background design instead of just a background
Multiple machines that only acts as a background design
Vehicles that acts like a background design and all things that could acts as a background design
Wall that will acts as background design XD
Everything that could act as a background design XD
some mechanical errr repair things

Electrical Discharge that damages anyone who gets hit
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby GhostX5 » 8 August 2016, 10:59

Some things I remember from any games I've played before:

An internal wire on the water/acid, being electrified,
A jammed/destroyed door, going up & down automatically,
A scattered bullet casings, nonetheless, cannot be picked up,
A scattered magazines, also cannot be picked up,
A shrapnel from the rocket projectile (used).

Ballistic Shield - Works similarly like the Shield nade, but in a nanotech way. Activated on the ovopack, you can resist everything, blocking out enemies but not teammates.

Heat Suppression - A small black drone comes out from your ovopack, automatically activates it's red beam (Heat) and can damage enemies on it's sight overtime.

Minimap - Can detect enemies in any places, only it beeps once if it sees an enemy.

Jumppad - It helps you to reach over the far places, jump once, you'll achieve a strong force of leap.

Armor Enhancement - Kind of works like the one from SFH and Raze series, it can resist everything, but it can absorb the explosion damage from the rocket launcher, you will get 10+ damage from rockets.


HQ Mode - You will be starting as the HQ Commander, only can contact the whole team. Also, you can jam the frequency on the enemy team, making them lose communication with their teammates when separated.

Weather Conditions/Atmospheric Effects - Making weather effects of such like rain, storm and sandstorm (For tehswordninja). Snow, autumn, summer.

Auto-save when choosing a skin and after edited the skin (Including head, body, arms, legs, swords).
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby guest-electric fish » 8 August 2016, 11:28

ideas which i really want on the level editor
a) ability to add the vehicles like the hound walker on multiplayer
b) more backgrounds
c) weather conditions
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby thetoppestkek » 8 August 2016, 11:31

Long wall of text, brace yourself.

• Sinkholes, large, unescapable gaps that will grow every "A" seconds (Sinkhole growth can be disabled)
• Burned grass/tall grass

• Surveillance Cameras (switch direction every 30 sec, will set off an alarm that makes all entities go near the alarm spot, must be placed on ceiling)
• Surveillance Camera Control Panel (disable/enable surveillance cams, modify surveillance cam's vision range)
• Electric cables, will deal "A" damage to players who walk on them, players killed by electricity will have their body disintegrated
• Electricity Control Panel, will enable/disable lights and electric cables
• Destroyed vehicles, will act as a decoration (collision can be enabled through E-Marks)
• Code Terminals, only execute the code trigger
• Damaged/Disabled Code Terminals, act as decoration, do not execute anything, cannot be repaired

• Depleted guns, guns that ran out of ammo
• Lockers, will be able to open and will contain guns, ammo cases and mags. Does not collide, E to open
• Ammo Cases, cases that are full of mags. E to open
• Empty/Discarded Ammo Cases, self-explanatory
• Empty/Discarded Mags, self-explanatory
• Coded Lockers, will require a code to open

• Weather conditions E-Mark, including rain, hailstorms, and drought
• Body disintegration E-Mark, entities killed by acid will have their body disintegrated
• Death Aftermath E-Mark, players killed by swords will continue to bleed while dead (for androids, sparks will continue to fly out of their dead bodies)
• Destroyed Vehicle Decoration E-Mark, enables collision for decorative destroyed vehicles
• Gun Customization, gives player ability to change the color of their gun (affects explosions), as well as customize it by adding various attachments such as silencers and laser sights (no impact on gameplay)
• Code execution trigger, player enters code "A" and if code is correct, trigger "B" is activated
• Sinkhole Growth E-Mark, disables/enables Sinkhole growth
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Pvt Gas » 8 August 2016, 12:26

wrecks, dead corpses of aliens or other skins (depends of the map), destroyed barracks and vehicles...
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby alnertane » 8 August 2016, 18:26

Pvt Gas wrote:destroyed barracks

^This would be cool

Perhaps fire or lava

Lamp models similar to those from PBFTTP
Damaged/destroyed vehicles

Transparent walls/glass
Custom wall colours

Door models resembling all available walls
Custom door colours

Character editor (saves created characters)
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby ninja ray » 9 August 2016, 02:44

Here some ideas:

.Vehicles in multiplayer (could be accurate in multiplayer experience in pb2).

.Weather like that snowing effect back in 2014 or 2015 i think.

.Moving objects come with covered walls or window.

.Dual wielding (Yes i do know that will be in pb2.5)
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby gani » 9 August 2016, 10:32

More Decorations! More backgrounds! Add colorable Backgrounds! More Weapons! Vehicles for Multiplayer!
Easy to rename/recolor (without trigger) just in character/Background menu.

gani wrote:More Decorations! More backgrounds! Add colorable Backgrounds! More Weapons! Vehicles for Multiplayer!
Easy to rename/recolor (without trigger) just in character/Background menu.

Also. add more Weather background and more characters! and new Vehicles Like Helicopter, players can seat in without triggers, just press E on it.

Sorry for 3th message, but i forgot to say, maybe add Rain weather too?
And background weathers like: jungle. city e.t.c. ;)
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Silent Aurora » 9 August 2016, 11:32

It's alright Gani, just use the edit tool next time if you want to add more information on your post (regarding no one else has replied.).
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