Skin maker role

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Skin maker role

Postby broforce1 » 8 May 2021, 18:55

being able to be a skin maker (just like a map maker)u can make SVG skins using skin editor and publish them to the community or in a small list or section inside the game or on a website where u can find and search published skins by the community...

instead of keep making submission topics for ' just a skin with no new idea of weapons or vehicles' u can make people able to create SVG skins and share it with others, people can view the skin, rate 5 stars or less, they can like or dislike, and send feedbacks, the skin that gets more likes gets highlighted and more suggested and more relevant to our search, u can even see how many people equipped this skin.

and if the skin had some previous idea attachments such as new weapons or sounds or new vehicles that aren't approved to be official and it was good then there might be a big chance for the skin and it's attachments to become official in PB3 if people liked it as well.. u can even have a skin maker rank (SDR?? dunno) like LDR rank... the rules are simple, just try to upload SVG skins only 100% made by ur own and not just edited PB2 / FTTP skin or inspired skin by other artist and better to look appropriate and not mature too!


On game:

On website:

so i dont know ur ideas about this or what do u really think? feel free to share ur feedback, and i hope something like this feature can be official in PB2.5 sooner.
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Re: Skin maker role

Postby Stryde » 8 May 2021, 19:07

Considering how screwed up the level developer rank is, I think any 'skin maker rank' would become just as screwed up (basically, there's been internal conversations to just scrap leaderboards altogether), and also doesn't seem needed.

I would assume there would be some type of player model workshop for the skin editor similar to the decoration workshop for the map editor.

Something similar to what you have as an example to highlight skins made by community members seems conceivably possible (just like it already is for maps) and sounds interesting -- but again, if the custom maps page is anything to base this off of, there needs to be a better means to search for content creators or skin models (map creators/maps/etc).

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