Ranked system

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Ranked system

Postby Nehil » 15 January 2021, 00:39

Well, i dont think this needs an introduction, we all know how ranked system works and we all are aware that this one wont change a lot on a future, so i wanted to give an idea to improve the ACTUAL ranked system, this idea could expand the life of the game if we talk about competitive terms, because the game is dying, we cant deny that so, this might help

My idea is simple, basically reset the logs of kills on ranked against players that you're able to gain SP, that means, reset the SP gaining after an specific amount of time, for example, me and teru (zak) play frequently a lot, we always gain 0.0010 from each other till we go to +0.000, but in the past, we used to gain +0.12 or a bit less, but with the time we couldnt gain anymore from each other, so, by adding this we will able to gain from each other AGAIN, from 0.0010 to 0.1 if we have the same amount of sp or +0.07/+0.06 depending of the difference that we have based on SP, and reset it at the start of each month or after 3 weeks.

By this way, there won't be an insane amount of alternative accounts (Which is annoying to be honest...) and the remaining players on the competitive ambient (which are less than 25) will feel like playing again, since they will have people to get SP from again instead of always gaining +0.0010 or whatever they gain from the same people always

Why i recommend to do this?
Basically, as the game is dying, its always the same people, with the same accounts, people cant really gain from anyone because its always the same people as i said before, everyone drained each other already, people depends of other people alts or people that after months was able to get enough sp to get in the range of other people

The actual system with the actual limitations would work if the game had a bigger community, sadly thats not the case

I know there will be people that says "Who cares about top 100 nowadays" Well no one really cares but ranked is part of the game, i have fun there, i like to play there, but spending hours there without gaining anything makes no sense.

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Re: Ranked system

Postby nightmar » 20 January 2021, 10:35

I don't know why they should even bother trying to fix ranked. As you said yourself there are less than 25 people (and arguably 10 of them are playing on a basis). At this point I believe it's beyond fixing, because with that little people playing it you're bound to have problems with it. The only possible way for any of those endless suggestions about "how to fix ranked" to work is to increase ranked games populations, which at the moment is impossible.

Flash's death was a lethal hit that pb2 had to take. The only way for it to be revived after that is if pb3 can be played on browser or something like that which of course indicates that pb3 is our only chance of fixing anything in this game.
How many bugs does this game have anyway? jeez
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