New Weapons/Skins Feedback

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New Weapons/Skins Feedback

Postby tehswordninja » 2 February 2018, 23:53

Have any feedback on upcoming/released skins or weapons? Feel free to add it here!

This thread serves as a place for feedback on both older and newer weapons and skins, so if something about an older skin is bothering you go ahead and suggest a change or give your feedback!

Feedback of my own:

Usurpation Sniper: It should match the Usurpation color scheme of the other guns. Other than that, I think it's model works well, although slightly more detailed than say the normal alien rifle. It should also be named "Alien Sniper rifle."

Laser Rifle: The two laser rifles are perfect. The names, though, should follow the normal alien weapons naming format.
Names should be Alien Laser Rifle for the first and Alien Focus Rifle for the second one.

Energy Rifle: I think it could be given the Usurpation Colors and be renamed to "Alien Energy Rifle."

Sounds: Some weapons could use unique sounds, but I understand that new sounds may be hard to come by.

Slot 8 weapon: I think the ending part of the sound (aka the BNG sound) should be cut out.

"Little Bastard" smg: I think it could use a more normal name, perhaps simply cutting the "little bastard" part out of it to shorten it down.

Skins: All are very nice. Seeing PB1 skins was extremely rewarding. I do think though, that the PB1 skins should follow the names they had in PB1. Human Soldiers should obviously be called "Human Soldier" instead of "Guard".

I will add more feedback to the original post as soon as possible. Feel free to add your own.
who needs a PB2.5 release date, anyways?
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Civil_Boss » 2 February 2018, 23:57

I actually like the new skins more than the new weaponry, but the guns are pretty cool!
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Elitech » 2 February 2018, 23:58

Holy deliciously exquisite pizza sauce this is actually amazing. I love you eric!!!!
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Sniper J » 3 February 2018, 00:11

All the guns are nice. I especially like the fully automatic pistol and the rocket launcher that looks like a modified RPG. I will admit, it's weird hearing the sound of a BNG with something like a sniper rifle. Not complaining but it will take some time to get used to the sounds being switched around. The skins also look good, as it is finally nice to have some more options of skins. All I can say is I can't wait for all of these updates to be added into the game. Can't wait for more updates.

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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Stryde » 3 February 2018, 01:01

Like swordninja said, the usurpation sniper shouldn't be usurpation sniper without their paint scheme. In general it seems too big for the game as well

I'm not sure if its possible to change where each particular gun sits on the player model, but in general, some should be adjusted so gun is closer to shoulder. The AV-135, CP-Assault Rifle, Needle, Little Bastard, and RMK-36 look like unnatural positions to hold the gun.

The Crossfire CR-45 Phantom fires a little bit too fast or a little bit too deadly depending on how you view it. Too deadly if you view it as an assault rifle, too fast if you view it as a high damage gun like raygun. Also should have a shorter name along with the gun nicknamed Little Bastard

Spoiler: Show More
Slot 1 guns (3):
Little Bastard
Falkonian Pistol

Slot 2 guns (8):
CP-Assault Rifle
Minigun LMG
Alien Laser Rifle/Heater
Alien Laser Rifle/Heater2
Falkonian Assault Rifle

Slot 3 gun (1):
Falkonian Shotgun

Slot 4 guns (5):
Gauss Rifle
Usurpation Sniper Rifle
Energy Rifle
Falkonian Sniper Rifle

Slot 5 gun (1):

Slot 8 gun (1):

Not listed: CS-autocannon vehicle gun

For slot 2 weapons, considering the laser rifles have no penetration power, I think they're the most easy to move from slot 2. Now they could be moved to slot 4 to fit with the other railgun projectiles, but there's already a lot of slot 4 weapons from this update. I would suggest slot 8.
Moving laser rifles from slot 2 to slot 8 would:
- Reduce amount of slot 2 weapons just added from 8 to 6
- Not overshadow the alien assault rifle
- Balance the game more with weapons that were just added

I also think that the light decorations are too small when compared to the lamp tool generated lights. The new light decorations also look small compared to most other decorations and consequentially are barely noticeable

The PHANX rifle needs to be readjusted in its not floating off of player, and so does the energy rifle

Gauss rifle sits too slow on players back as well
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby tehswordninja » 3 February 2018, 02:17

silverteen11 wrote:Totally agreed, I think the falkok pistol could be more accurate than your average rifle and have a bit of slower firerate.

Not sure about other tweaks to the falkok weaponry though.

Well I noticed in multiplayer that for whatever reason it does a crap ton more damage than other shotguns.

I used an edited version of my real war map, and I put an AI with the falkok shotgun. Players started getting instantly killed from pretty decently far away ranges. I've noticed the bullets also move really quickly, and while I'm honestly cool with that, I think the spread should probably be tightened and damage lowered.

I believe the original idea was that the shotgun would be burst, which would be really badass to see. Say a two-three round burst every time you shoot, but with a decent delay between each burst (much more than the Combat rifle).
who needs a PB2.5 release date, anyways?
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Atsushi » 3 February 2018, 02:48

i like both the skins and guns
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Alien security heavy » 3 February 2018, 03:02

I'd say some of the guns should be more unique features.
-Such as falkonian shotgun. It could as suggested above us a triple burst fire then go into like a 2 second cooldown or something but the cooldown only reduces when you have the weapon equipped (like the sniper rifle/lite railgun or something). In fact it reminds me alot of DOOM (2016) shotgun but just red variant so why not?
- The Needle has a silencer yet it sounds exactly as CS-YipeeKiYay. It seems underpowered IMO, buff it like 10% in damage.
-The Civil Protector (CP) and Falkonian rifle feel the same as C-01r to me.
-PHANX 92 seems alright to me.
-AV 135 feels similar to CS-RC. At least by recoil.
-Usurpation sniper just feels wrong IMO. Probably because it's held like a pistol :/ (Ik it's a placeholder)
-Usurpation laser rifles are okay to me.
-I like the energy rifle and RMK36. RMK36 looks alot like M14EBR which is gun I usually favour in games. I'm suprised RMK doesn't have penetration trough walls or something.
-RPG... Should be different compared to LitBro. I mean it has nearly same accuracy and firerate. It should be different/sidegrade to LitBro.
-The SMG's seem like fast firerate-high recoil guns... Okay I guess.
-Gauss rifle is good. A bullet alternative to heavy railgun.
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby DoomWrath » 3 February 2018, 04:30

Here's what I think about the new update. Overall, I am a huge fan of the update. Lots of cool new content has been added, which is nice. All the skins and decors are excellent, those are a sweet addition to the game. Most of the guns too are great.

However, there are a few things I feel should be improved, especially regarding weapons. I will go over them in detail below:

I am not going to discuss damage and balance as these things can be tweaked as time goes one more easily.

Falkonian Shotgun/Rifle/Pistol/Sniper Rifle:

Good weapon overall, but the blue rounds do not match the gun's colour scheme. Suggest changing to yellow CS-RC style tracers. Sniper rifle seems okay. 7-8/10

CP Assault Rifle:

This is a weird fish-gun. Not sure why it was voted so highly and added to the game, honestly. The foregrip seems to lack any sense, simply designed to look ergonomic even though the designer seems not to even know the definition of the word. Same with the thumbhole stock.

Overall this gun needs a total overhaul. An entirely new front end would benefit the gun very well. 3/10

Gauss Rifle:

This thing is very cool. No issues here. 10/10

Minigun LMG-01m:

First, needs to be renamed as its name suggests it is both a Minigun and a Light Machine Gun. It is also as far from a minigun as can be (besides items such as microwaves) as it has only one barrel. Gun itself has much too long a stock for PB2 as the character can't even touch the trigger. The gun also lacks anything resembling a machine gun's belt feed or large magazine - this thing is simply a combat rifle - or judging by the long length, a DMR/sniper rifle.

Overall, the design/art does not at all fit the function and name given to it. 5/10

PHANX-92 Rifle:

I approve of this design. Looks appropriate for the time period of PB2, and honestly one of the better guns in this update, could easily pass as something from the original game. 9/10

Usurpation Sniper Rifle:

Again, needs a rename or rework. The weapon does not fit the Usurpation colour palette at all, besides being rather large and hefty compared to the compact weapons of the base game.

Other than that, it's a neat alien gun. 5/10


I have a few issues with this one. First, for its harsh, loud sound, and low fire rate, it should do a fair bit of damage - suggesting a beefy round fired. However the magazine is an itty-bitty little stick obviously copied from the AK-47 series of guns. The gas system also obviously copied from AK rifles proves it's a cartridge weapon. The ejection port doesn't line up anywhere near the barrel, a rather shoddy oversight in my opinion.

That said, some very minor changes could make this one of my favourite weapons, very easily. Replace the AK-style magazine with a drum, box, or belt feed, and turn the gun from PB2's AK to PB2's PKM. The EP and half-size upper receiver could easily then be explained as the belt feed cover, and the EP could easily be explained as being on the base of the gun.

I want to like this gun. 6/10 right now, could easily be a 10/10 with some minor art changes.


There's always that one weird kid with a VSS Vintorez fetish...

Seems a little too "tacticool" and modern era for the game. Otherwise, works nicely 7/10.

QCcV-50 Little Bastard:

It's hard to ignore the fire rate. This will be a popular gun. The only issue I have with it is the bar connecting the pistol grip to the magazine well - it's entirely unnecessary and looks almost like it could be a folding stock in the stored position, yet the gun already has a stock extended.

Little Bastard, the gun with two stocks. 8/10


Nice simple RPG clone with the usual 'futuristic' lights and flashes. 9/10

Alien Laser Rifle Heater:

Besides the unique laser fire, the design of the gun is unique yet perfectly fits the rest of the Alien/Usurper kit. 10/10


People really seem to like thumbhole stocks for some strange reason. They're not exactly practical.

Gun is fine. No strong feelings either way, nothing too exciting. 7/10

Crossfire CR-45 Phantom:

Little too much going on with this gun in my opinion. Could do with a little simplification as it's a cery crowded design. Other than that, no glaringly painful mechanical problems with the gun. This one works.

Again: Gun is fine. No strong feelings either way. 7/10


Just a random modern """""ergonomic smg/pdw""""" that's somehow got through the voting process to get added to PB2. Literally nothing special about this gun that no other gun has in terms of design - it's just a very boring very standard 2000s/2010s era bullpup SMG.

Bullpups in general don't work well in PB2 as the characters hold guns close to themselves, but even without this it's an uninspiring design that hopefully will be overshadowed in gameplay by the Little Bastard. 3/10

Energy Rifle:

This is unique, futuristic, and fits the PB2 aesthetic. Not too much I can say honestly, but it does well in my opinion. 9/10

CS Autocannon:

I am sure this is meant to be a vehicle gun. Pretty neat design, could really do with a vehicle to be attached to, but either way it's a good gun. 8/10


Hopefully I have not ripped on some people's favourite weapons too much. ;)

PS - Everyone who failed to vote "Chemical Bucket" up to top spot is a heretic and shall be burnt at the stake. All hail the Chemical Bucket. (It could make a pretty cool grenade though, right?)
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby yi en » 3 February 2018, 10:08

A random guy that hyped for new updates wrote:Y U Not Let us Use them???

nah just kidding, time to get serious.

First, Weapons....

Falkonian Weapon Group Shotgun/Rifle/Pistol/Sniper Rifle
Overall they works.
Pretty well, based on Usurpation Weapon group. Perhaps PB2.5 we will got Usurpation vs Falfoks soon enough.

CP Assault Rifle
I loved the sound when it shoots, but it seems the hero didn't know how to hold the guns.
And where's the trigger? I can't find any XD

Gauss Rifle
Not rly a rifle, but looks more like chainsaw with railguns.
recharging process is good enough.

Minigun LMG-01m
Weaponarist wrote:Is this a mini gun or light machine gun that on the plane?

great, I also don't know what it can be.
Bullets shoot out from the middle of gun. Overall it is another mini-gun.

PHANX-92 Rifle
Nice name, it maybe fits raven.
...and honestly one of the better guns in this update. (slow bullet speed AF?

Usurpation Sniper Rifle
All I like was only the yellow scope.
I personally didn't rly like it, not only it's rough drawing, but also it didn't fit the Usurpation weapons group well.

Historian wrote:WW2 weapons in Future.

The title said it all.
and not surprisingly this gun is so loud.

Sniper expert wrote:Quickest but no-so-painful sniper ever.

The scope perfectly aim with player's sight, well done.
it's quick and not-so-painful needle gun. Yep.

QCcV-50 Little Bastard
Time traveler from 2020 wrote:Attention: This weapon is classified as 2nd popular weapon by PB2.5 community.

How you little bastard that can shoot so fast but classified as slot 1...
and this weapon is currently too OP. It may ruin the balance. The game balance.

nothing to say about this. Nice bullet texture.
Rocket Jump Finally Exist!

Alien Laser Rifle Heater
Usurpation Soilder wrote:So hot AF that killed ourselves before the heater even hit enemies.

More suitable to be a turret. Yep.
I love that design of the gun and perfectly fits the Usurpation's weapon group. Laugh at Usurpation Sniper Rifle

Yi en wrote:A perfect weapon that doesn't deal damage to allies but yourself.

and why slot 8 though? cuz it is minimal version of BNG bullets? or plasma?

Crossfire CR-45 Phantom:
when I look at this model, I thought it can do one of these below:
Spoiler: Show More
Last Order
Automatic Reverse
Heaven Canceller
Smart Weapon
Dark Matter
Melt Downer
Move Point
Arc Bishop
Trick Art
Dual Skill
Ars Magna
Angel Fall
Dragon Breath
Level Upper
Real Force
Counter Stop
deep blood

but sadly, it shoots bullets? (Where's my Super scientific gun QAQ)

Historian wrote:WW2 weapons in Future.

The title said it all.
"We got stream bullets!"

Energy Rifle
Nice futuristic weapon, fits PB2.5 very well.
and the energy bullets are little bit slow.

CS Autocannon
*Shoots NO2*
ouch it is so explosive!
nice cannon but where did we need this "Super scientific gun" assembled?

Next, Character's spot~

Another main character for me eagle's journey series eh?
But I love that character so much!

Reak...Reako... no, Reakhos... not again... Reakhohsha! (finally I managed to spell it right)
so, who are you? Operative? operative of what? what did you do? which clan did you in?
Reakhohsha: uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

Civil Protector
Civil Security Lite wrote:Civil protractor I guess? No? ok....

Looks like a pilot though or a driver that supposed in the vehicle?

Android ATM-105
yay~ another android robots~
Cheers, mate! (I think i seen that one before

FTTP characters
They didn't work at all at the moment.
Teleporting their DNA to PB2.5 a little bit harder.

Falfok bosses
Looks like mecha for some reason.
otherwise, it is good for boss fight.

yay! more hide and seek places~
gravity pad on left or right? maybe.
why barrel in decor only? maybe it can be "actual barrels~"

I liked the regeneration thingy, since it can do a "real ultra hardcore map" with no regen.
Sadly they are in further version of level editor that I have no chance to be Alpha tester of that, XD

That's all for my spicey and salty comments, hopefully I have not ripped on some people's favourite weapons too much XD
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Elitech » 3 February 2018, 14:29

Okay. The usurpation sniper isn't at all good. It isn't coloured like the usurpation, it's too big (compared to the small alien rifle), and overall deals weak damage. Everything else is ok. The heater Slot 2 weapons need reworked rays, because the current ones suck lol.
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby unknown 1 » 3 February 2018, 16:22

The falkok weapons:

They all seem to look like cheap, red "space" gun toys, which is a con for all the falkok weapons. The pistol looks the best out of them and is okay. The shotgun also looks fine, exept when it's holstered, because it isn't left on the character's back but on the character's legs like a pistol (which doesn't make sense for such a large weapon) and it just looks unnatural and unfitting for a large shotgun. It is also looks like a toy gun a bit too much. The falkok marksmen rifle is held very weirdly and looks a bit silly because of it's small size and it's very small scope. The fallkok assault rifle looks the worst out of the bunch due to it's very overly small size for a rifle and the weird way in which it is held by the character. It is just too small and too "toy" looking. I don't like how the pistol performs nearly exactly like the pistol c01p, how the assault rifle performs nearly exactly like the assault rifle c-01r and how the shotgun performs nearly exactly as the shotgun c01s.

The civil protector rifle:

It looks fine, nothing too impresive, but nothing bad about it either. But it's darker colors make the gun look less detailed then it actually is. Sadly, it currently is nearly identical to the assault rifle c01r when it comes to performance.

The gauss rifle:

I don't get why people like this design. It doesn't look like a gun, a weapon or really like anything. The dark blue on the barrel shroud just doesn't work with the light blue and green on the gun's back. Also, the back end of the gun is too cramped and looks squished. The barrel of the gun is so much thinner then the rest of it, that it just doesn't look like a weapon of any sorts, and makes the gun look very weird and unnatural. I know PB2's weapons are ment to be weird, but the gauss rifle is just plain ugly.

The minigun lmg-01:

This one is too thin and too long. The stock is way too big for PB2's style and it is held in such a way that the character's arm doesn't even touch the grip of the gun. The little barrel that comes out of the guns front end also just doesn't look great. Since it has almost the same performance as the minigun and also looks very similar to it, it seems quite pointless.

The phanx-92:

This gun is honestly just great. It has, in my opinion, no flaws in it's design and shouldn't be changed visually at all.

The usurpation sniper rifle:

This gun is too big and long. When a character is holding it, it looks like he should of tipped over, no matter, how strong that space suit is. It is held in an unnatural way, like a pistol. If it was held with it's stock over the character's shoulder, then that would fix both of these problems. And it's laser is almost invisible on the usurpation wall background (because it's yellow), which doesn't make sense at all, because it is an usurpation gun, which will be mainly seen on the usurpation background. Other then that the gun looks great and has a very cool and weird design, that fits well in PB2. It is underpowered quite a bit.

The av-135:

It doesn't fit PB2's style at all simply because it's a modern, realistic firearm not a futuristic firearm. It is too thin as well, i know it's to make it more realistic, but in PB2 it just doesn't fit in. But hey, it looks cool.

"Little bastard" submachinegun:

This one is great, but for some reason the character holds it not by the grip, but by the stock, which looks stupid.

The alien "heater" rifles:

These are okay, but the blue parts of the gun are too bland and undetailed and make the rifles (especially the yellow one) look like water guns. The laser needs a lot of rework.

The needle:

The needle is great, although it is a bit too tactical looking for plazma burst 2. It seems quite underpowered.

The rmk-36:

This one just like the phanx-92 looks great and doesn't have any visual flaws in it.

The RPG:

I don't like this one. It just looks like some kids saw it and where like: "Wow, that is such a tactical rocket launcher and it has a cool scope, this looks so badass, don't you think rpg's are lit? Better upvote it!" I mean it doesn't fit PB2 at all, I have no idea how it can reload so quickly, it needs some sort of actuall reload animation and it's rockets flying in the air are way too big and just look silly. It's performance seems the same as that of the regular rocket launcher.

The cr-45:

It is considerably over-detailed, but it looks and sounds simply great.

The SMG:

It is held by the stock and not by the grip for some reason and although it looks good, it is a very generic tactical modern bullpup, which isn't a good thing, because that means it doesn't fit in well with other PB2 weapons. Yes, there are some weapons in PB2 like the cs-rc, sniper rifle, pistol cs-pro and shotgun cs-daz, which are modern, not futuristic, but they have always been the minority. And the less tactical, realistic weapons in Pb2, the better.

The energy rifle:

It looks decent, but the weird hump on the gun may make it even too weird for plazma burst 2. It has the same performance as the falkok marksman rifle.

The cs-autocannon:

It is too shiny, too detailed and a bit too big and bulky, but it is decent. The worst part about it is it's projectiles, which look like big orange carrots flying around (they really need to be changed).

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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Max teabag » 3 February 2018, 16:35

The falkon guns functioned too generically.
It would be cool if the shotgun had a 3-round burst or something.
The rifle should be a powerful version of the C-01-rifle, higher fire rate and higher recoil
They also need their own sounds and bullets.

I like the AK-47 and the other modern type guns. The sound was really sexy... I think it would be popular.

The RPG launcher is awesome, but the projectiles should have a slight random curve in their path. It's too alike the normal nocket launcher.

I like the lazer beams, the advanced one should have a different color on the beam.

Some of the guns seemed kind of meh... Nothing special about them, apart from slightly unique fire-rates and damage, and when It's all just recycled sounds and projectiles, I don't find them appealing. The one I liked the least was the assault rifle with the BNG sounds.

Maybe rename little-bastard to something else.


Apart from the guns, the new triggers and decorations are exciting!

BUT PLEASE - We need trigger type categories... Map makers have the luxury problem of too many trigger types now... Any type of organization would be extremely helpful. A search function for the triggers is also needed.


also the skins are fantastic
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Moonhawk » 3 February 2018, 18:17

i think most of the guns need a few small color changes so they fit in more with the base-game guns. names too. names like 'energy rifle' and 'smg' should have extra info like the manufacturers name, etc. non-canon names should go imo, even for my gun (cr-45). cp-assault rifle is an unfortunate name. the rpg could do with a special reload animation, too.

outlines on 'machine' and the cs-autocannon should be made a bit thinner, maybe.

we need a trigger for renaming guns
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby 49er » 3 February 2018, 19:33

There's a lot to comb through here and I have so little time so I'll just talk about my biggest issue:

the guns have the same sounds as the other guns in the game? Each gun should have its own unique sound. Also the falkok guns are repainted Correction nine guns.

Overall I like the new update (I don't have time to comb through all of this like I said.) My favorite new gun is the AV 135. I was thoroughly surprised and delighted to see a Kalashnikov inspired gun in the series, something PB2 totally needed. Unlike Doomrath I think it should stay as an AK rather than a PKM since the AK is more iconic.

Definitely beef the damage on the AV 135 and you'll make all the kalashnikov fanboys happy.
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby lostmydollar » 3 February 2018, 19:58

well, my guns don't look good at all... shit

i guess they should be removed from the upcoming update

also, no lethalgirl skin :sorry:

edit: gun sizes are now fixed
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby boom5 » 3 February 2018, 21:37

The SMG and Little Bastard is not overpowered. They are weak as hell. XD It takes to long to kill a Usurp Grunt. My favorite side arm is still the glock.
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby 49er » 3 February 2018, 22:32

The av-135:

It doesn't fit PB2's style at all simply because it's a modern, realistic firearm not a futuristic firearm. It is too thin as well, i know it's to make it more realistic, but in PB2 it just doesn't fit in. But hey, it looks cool.

It's literally more futuristic than the CS-RC and the CS-OICW, both of which were inspired by prototype guns that were developed in the early-mid 2000s; the XM8 and the XM29 OICW respectively. The AK series is still being developed so you could have a futuristic AK-type rifle.

It's thin but.. so are real life AK rifles compared to other real life guns, even submachine guns and pistols. That's just how the real weapon was designed.
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby mapsman5000 » 3 February 2018, 22:39

Oh HELL yes! After all this time of nothing new for PB2, and all of a sudden we get this?! Major props to Eric for not letting PB2 get stale while he works on PB2.5!
All the new skins are phenomenal honestly, but I'm also really loving the guns! For some reason, the RPG and the Usurpation Heater Rifles are standing out for me, but frankly I don't think there's any guns that are just bad in any way.
As for the new background decorations, those look pretty cool too!

Overall, I'm absolutely LOVING how this update is looking, and really looking forward to seeing how the community makes use of all the new stuff!

Edit: I take it all back... Needle is my new fav :D
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Re: New Weapons Demo Feedback

Postby Hikarikaze » 4 February 2018, 00:04

I'm not too impressed by the weapon lineup. The character lineup on the other hand is nice except for a few skins that I personally can't bring myself to like.

Falkok shotgun - Too generic of a weapon. The recoil is minimal which might be a plus but the spread is too much to allow this weapon to shine outside of CQC range so that doesn't really matter. This is more like a faster CS-DAZ/C-01s hybrid. For a shotgun though, the weapon sound doesn't really fit either. Shotguns are supposed to be powerful and the sound doesn't really suggest that. The holstering is weird (and the only thing I like) too considering it's holstered at the side like a handgun when it should really be at the back considering it's a rifle sized weapon. The damage output is a little bit ridiculous. For close ranges, it's close to perfect though at longer ranges, this weapon may be rather frustrating to challenge against.

Falkok rifle - It's basically a reskinned C-01r so it's not particularly interesting. Its accuracy is solid which makes the weapon decent for mid-range combat and maybe long range combat for a little bit before the spread really kicks in, but there's no reason to pick this over the C-01r given its strikingly similar performance. Even the firing sound is the exact same. There really isn't a slow firing rifle in the game so this could be perfect to start that weapon archetype with. The Alien Rifle game-wise might be a rifle that shoots slow but it's more for a marksman role. Have this rifle feature a 25% slower fire rate and increase the accuracy to make the weapon more suitable for long range while also making spread minimal. The damage output is also a bit lacking so a slight increase should put the weapon in a decent and comfortable spot, especially as a mid-range weapon.

Falkok pistol - I don't know if these weapons were meant to be the same as the C9 weapons, but this one is way too much like the C-01p. The damage output on headshots is wild and great but the damage done anywhere else is laughable, especially when using this at close range. I'm not sure how to criticize this one when it's essentially just the C-01p.

CP-Assault Rifle - I probably assume that acronym means "civil protector" considering it looks like it belongs with the skin. This rifle suffers from the same exact problem as the Falkok rifle. It's too similar to the C-01r. Currently, all three weapons are within the same archetype: fast firing, accurate, and meant for mid-range combat. The same suggestions I had for the Falkok rifle can also be applied here.

Gauss rifle - It's a fun weapon but it sounds so underwhelming. For a powerful weapon, I expect it to sound powerful too. The damage output is strong but it's similar to the Heavy Railgun. Option wise, I can't find any reason why anyone would choose one over the other.

Minigun LMG-01m - I don't see how it's a minigun. To me it's basically a compressed version of the C-02m and nothing more. I think I would like this weapon better if it used the CS-RC firing sound considering it's more of a LMG. It should sound like one at least. The design is rather realistic enough to a point where the CS-RC sound would fit in along with the weapon design without any issues.

PHANX 92 - It's perfect. It's essentially what I want the Falkok rifle and CP-Assault Rifle to be. The accuracy is nice and the weapon excels at mid-long range without trouble. Sadly it's the only rifle of its kind but it does offer variety which is what this game needs in terms of weapon performance, not aesthetics. The design is also nice too; it's like a slower firing counterpart to the CS-RC.

Usurpation sniper rifle - Can anyone even call this a gun? It's ridiculously ugly. Imagine the lower half of a F2000 stretched out horizontally with a massive barrel thrown on top of it. That's this gun. I won't even talk about how the gun not only fails to match the Usurpation color palette, but also fails to stick with the design style. The bullet also moves too slow for a sniper rifle. For a weapon that, by default, is and should be meant for long range, this gun fails to meet that purpose. The CS sniper rifle that we have is far better, performance wise and utility wise. The Usurpation sniper rifle's laser is non-existent when put on the Usurpation BG plus the fact there's no indication that the rifle is actually aiming at an enemy like the CS counterpart basically makes this weapon useless. Even if you do manage to find an enemy, the projectile speed is too slow for the weapon to do any justice with. The damage output is the only beacon of light for the gun.

AV-135 - It's certainly different in terms of firing sound. The gun feels like a direct competitor to the CS-RC which is fairly nice. The accuracy puts the gun more towards a CQC type of role which is unique among the rifle class. I'm sure mid range combat is possible with this gun but pulling that off with the current stats is going to be challenging which could encourage and hopefully force some sort of skillful player input at longer ranges.

Needle - The fact it's suppressed yet sounds unsuppressed is amusing. The way the weapon performs makes it stand out immediately from the rest of the sniper rifle class. It's more of a blend between the Alien Rifle and the CS sniper rifle but it feels like more of a competitor and counterpart to the Alien Rifle rather than the other sniper rifles.

RPG - It's basically just that one generic RPG that every shooter game has for the sake of having one. To me, it's a reskin of the current rocket launcher that's only in the game to satisfy the "modern era" style enthusiasts.

RMK-36 - The way it performs suggests it belongs more in slot 2. Putting it in slot 8 was definitely a missed opportunity to have a truly unique rifle-class weapon in slot 2. The way bullets disappear abruptly with no impact effect however is disappointing though. The damage output is actually pretty impressive. It's a great weapon for bringing down multiple people in succession and it does well in mid-range. The slower projectile speed is a good balance to the damage output in my opinion. Currently, the RMK's in a solid place.

QCcV-50 - I think the name should be shortened to the model name or the nickname. The RoF makes the gun a monster at CQC which automatically makes it a direct competitor to the Ray Rifle, so it's nice in that regard.

Alien laser rifles - Automatically unique. It brings variety to the current weapon set. The damage output is a bit too weak considering it takes a while for it to kill one person. The only utility use I can see this gun having is dealing damage across long distances instantly and simply stopping health regeneration by just damaging targets. The blue railgun impact effect is rather out of place considering the beam is red and the effect is blue. It should be red or the beam should be colored blue to match.

CR-45 - It's like the PHANX so I can't really complain too much. It seems solid across large distances. However, the blue bullets are out of place. I'd suggest switching them to regular yellow colored tracers to better fit the weapon's modernized aesthetic and even its tan color scheme.

SMG - I'm disappointed that this gun gets the most generic name out of the others. Surely better names exist for this. It's identical to the QCcV so anything I said there applies here as well. Design wise, I prefer this over its counterpart.

Energy Rifle - Another generically named weapon. It behaves too similarly to the Lite Railgun and feels like a more useless version. It's missing the things that make the Lite Railgun great such as instant projectile speed outside of water. I don't see a reason to prefer this over its counterparts especially when the pros for this weapon aren't as compelling or expansive as the Lite Railgun's pros

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Raven series - I personally like the android color scheme more than the RvB versions. It's a good addition overall but my only gripe is the helmet design. It looks like someone took a bite off the back which is something that can't really be unseen.

Reakhosha Operative - Unless PB2 magically explains the existence of this skin lore wise, this looks out of place, especially since it's not a human faction either.

Civil Protector - It's certainly nice to see a militaristic skin that's not CS. Personally though, I think it's too bland. Some glowing accents would do wonders for the skin and make it look better personally.

Android ATM-105 - It reminds me of Raze but the color scheme doesn't particularly say "android" to me. Either way, it's nice that android/robotic characters are getting some attention.

Falkok Boss - I wish it had a better name. Its design screams mecha, particularly Gurren Lagann. It's a personal favorite for me and it actually doesn't look ugly like the other Falkok units (except for the Phoenix Falkok but its colors are what makes that one ugly).
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