Star Defender 2D Tools: OVERPRICING.

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Star Defender 2D Tools: OVERPRICING.

Postby yi en » 5 February 2021, 06:58

Just in mind, if one of your best friends kept being bullied by those annyoing trolls, griefers or either 2b2t players, tell them look at this video, this video may help you.

P.S. Watching through here is painful, go pressed the big "YOUTUBE" button to view the full 4K.

I would warmly introduce you a new aid system: Star Defender Overpricing Tools.
By installing the script (link in youtube description), you won't even get bothered by those annyoing aspects!

The tool introduces:
Water Jesus
Emergency Escape Mode (when encountered with trolls)
Kill reach/ kill aura (you can hit player with longer distance etc)

Currently the tool is built for newgens so they can able to survive easier, so we only support PSI but no other weapons.

Chapter section added so if you want some specific bug section you can just tap tap there for fun!
Anyways, enjoy with your friends!

Side Note: I need ideas of this video thumbnail, please give me some ideas of making a superb thumbnail thank you guys~
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