Guns, might add more later

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Guns, might add more later

Postby darkstar 1 » 5 July 2019, 22:00

Okay, so I'm probably gonna submit these to the next fan art voting, so tell me if there's something that you think could be improved, or something that I just shouldn't submit.
(Currently working on some more, but wanna post these as soon as possible)

Alien guns:

Alien railgun:
Spoiler: Show More
Perhaps aliens like shiny rays as well.
- CS lite railgun copy paste

Alien double barreled rifle:
Spoiler: Show More
After research on improving the useless alien weapons, usurpation engineers came up with the revolutionary idea of using two barrels instead of one!

Correction nine guns:

C9 double grenade launcher:
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Ever thought of ruining usurpation lives by spamming grenades? Then this is the perfect weapon for you!

C9 laser rifle:
Spoiler: Show More
An array of neon lights to blind the enemy (... oh and burn them to death.)
- Copy paste of the alien laser guns... BUT WITH BEAUTIFUL BLUE LASERS

C9 shockwave weapon:
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When normal bullets don't work on your enemy, you can always try to annoy them by launching them into the next dimension.
- Short range

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Re: Guns, might add more later

Postby daft punk 777 » 6 July 2019, 03:18

its rly cool and (for example C9 g launcher) based on exists guns like C9 rifle, and dis just NICE

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Re: Guns, might add more later

Postby massmurrder » 8 July 2019, 19:28

Looks very nice honestly

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