REAL Capture the Flag

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REAL Capture the Flag

Postby Fan Fan1 » 19 March 2017, 06:41

Without Shadows:
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Map name: |> Flag Capture <|
Map ID: fan fan1-ctf
Map description:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please DM any glitches you may find and send me the variable states as well (Use the command "-checkVars")

Capture the Flag by Fan Fan1:

- Bring the Enemys Flag to Your Base to Disable their Respawn!
- Enemy team will keep respawning until you capture their flag
- Game prevents you from passing the flag to other players
- Leaving the game while holding the flag results in the flag being returned immediately.
- Game automatically syncs flag status for new joining players

- Max players: 16
- Map Length: Two floors high, long width
- Weapons: Swords, Defibrillator, Sniper
- Players Respawn until Flag Captured (Based on [Firefang-ctf] respawns)
- Symmetrical
- Passes Defibrillator Jump Test
- Cooperative Only
- Map Source: Closed (Until 30 votes has been reached)

Special Thanks to:
- User (Just1738), for spare guns idea
- User (Prototype-X1), for respawn idea
- Map (Firefang-ctf), for disable respawn on capture idea
Map Page Link: ... &id=804112
Map Demo Link:

[UPDATE 02/22/2019]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to the new triggers I have updated the map! Here are a list of changes from last year:

- Improved synchronisation with the new synchronisation variables
- Made flag more open so players can grab it easily
- Tried to reduce open areas by adding more walls
- Added a trigger system to check for players that leave the game
- If the player leaves, their guns are move elsewhere
- Removed nades
- Attempted to fix players spawning without guns

- Removed lamps (natural lighting was enough)
- Round starts with players spawning on their respawn instead of the base
- Aesthetic changes (BG colours, pusher indicators for gravitators)
- Reduced spawn kills
- Reduced fall damage
- Added anti-DM and and anti-TDM
- New sky
- Added personal message to the flag runners
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Re: REAL Capture the Flag

Postby Fan Fan1 » 8 March 2019, 03:38

3.3 Doublepost Reason: To notify users of an update and to bring discussion on improving the map so that more users will play it.

Hi forums! After trying to start matches with this map a few times, I noticed that players were leaving within their first death, and even worst... 5 seconds. So here are some questions I want to ask of you:

- Is the map too large?
- Are the choice of weapons too basic?
- Is there enough cover to prevent players from spraying? (Not sure if I used the word "spraying" correctly)
- Are the backgrounds too bland?
- Is it easy to understand how to play?
- Does zooming out the map for 5 seconds make the map unappealing to players who join?
- Are there too many players?
- Are there any glitches?

In general, how can I improve the map so that more players play/rate it? I would really appreciate your help. My thanks to you in advance!
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