4 Class Warfare By Nyove

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4 Class Warfare By Nyove

Postby Nyove » 9 September 2020, 18:41

If there is one map which truly represents my map making career, it would be this map. I poured of entire heart and soul into this magnificent, literally legendary art piece.

After 2 years of development, scrapped work and ideas, planning, long term break and debugging the map for almost the 200th time, Nyove presents 4 Class Warfare!


4 Class Warfare is a map inspired by fan fan1-anime as well as League of Legends, carrying the concept of abilities with cooldowns as well as classes into the map.

This map is my sequel to my map, nyove-pokemon, which originally became very popular until I accidentally overwrite the map with a blank map (1 year of work gone, just like that). Orginally designed to have 8 characters in mind, the sheer amount of work as well as the potential amount of lag lead to the decision of keeping the number of characters to 4.

https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m= ... &id=920829


Class warfare is a map where you get to play as a different class each having 4 unique abilities which does all sorts of things.

Each abilities is represented by their respective guns and by firing the corresponding guns the ability is activated. The abilities will be put into cooldown after one-time use and will be resuable again when off cooldown.

The first three abilities are class basic abilities and have a shorter cooldown.

The fourth ability of every class is their ultimate ability. Ultimate abilities are activated by using the R button (same for every class) instead of a gun. Ultimate abilities have dramatic effect and a much longer cooldown.

Size of game camera is increased.
Swords are disabled.
Regeneration is significantly nerfed.
Recoil disabled.
Wall damage significantly nerfed.

"I vision a world of fire."

A close range, high damage class. Designed to crush foes close range.

[1] Demon Flare - Close range, low cooldown damaging ability.
[2] Self Destruct - Close range, potentially high damaging ability.
[3] Demon Grip - Long range, has negative knockback (to pull enemies).
[E] Demon Form - Close range, potentially extremely high damage over time.

Full combo: Pull enemy with Demon Grip or destabilize enemy with Demon Flare, then Self Destruct and/or activate Demon Form.

"Fools always think they stand a chance against me."

A long range, poking class with hard CC.

[1] Ice Cage - Area of effect region, freezes and damages enemies over time in the affected region.
[2] Ice Shard - Long range damaging ability.
[3] Snow Cone - Long range damaging ability with better knockback and damage.
[E] Arctic Wind - Global effect, damages all enemies over time as well as slowing them.

Full combo: Arctic Wind to slow down enemies so that you can land your Ice Cage more easily. Burst foes down with a quick Ice Shard as well Snow Cone, before retreating to safety.

"I am Cetanu, GOD OF DEATH!"

A stealthy melee class, designed to be annoying and exploiting advantages.

[1] Stealth - Goes into stealth mode.
[2] Sword - No cooldown, fast melee damaging ability.
[3] Plasma Cannon - Long range, low damage ability.
[E] The Forbidden Art - Area of effect region, potentially extremely damage.

Full combo: Poke down foes with Plasma Cannon and hides around with Stealth, only to engage with Sword on weak foes. Finish off the rest with The Forbidden Art.

Cosmic Soldier
"May the cosmos guide the lost."

A consistent DPS damage dealer, with healing and a overdrive form.

[1] Rifle - No cooldown, low damage range ability.
[2] Sniper - Long range damaging ability.
[3] Healing tent - Sets up an region of healing, only works on Cosmic Soldier.
[E] One With The Cosmos - Gains flying ability, and replaces Rifle with a Cosmo Rifle, which has no cooldown and an extremely high RoF.

Full combo: Rifle to constantly damage enemies, Sniper to knock enemies back for safety and healing tent to heal up damage taken. One With The Cosmos can be used to finished off foes or gain high ground.


If you really appreciate my work, then do me a favor. Make more maps for the PB2 community.
Thank you.
Proud to be part of something meaningful.

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Re: 4 Class Warfare By Nyove

Postby CreeperHunter55 » 9 September 2020, 19:30

Epic map, epic post, epic Nyove
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