New Game Mode COOP Map: Wartorn City

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New Game Mode COOP Map: Wartorn City

Postby sub893 » 21 May 2020, 21:48

I created a new map that depicts a highly detailed city that has been destroyed by war. In COOP mode, there are two sides: the Civil Security and the Rebels.
The Rebels have taken over the city, killing Civil Security soldiers. Therefore, CS reinforcements are being sent to secure the city and eliminate the resistance. The attacking Civil Security team tries to arm a bomb to destroy a Rebel weapons cache, while the defending Rebel team tries to destroy the Civil Security Dropship. There are interactive bombs on each of the objectives, which can both be armed and defused (within a time limit) via the USE buttons next to the objective. There is also a powerful secret weapon hidden somewhere on the map.
Please give me any feedback you may have! Thank you and enjoy!

Map Name: Search and Destroy: Resistance
Map ID: sub893-conquest
Page Link:
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