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Postby Thermidor » 8 September 2019, 14:05

Hello people, Maximillian Thermidor here.

Today i wanted to show a map to you, its a 1.32v map and i can't showcase in multiplayer because many, MANY players are playing on the stable version and not on experimental so it makes things pretty hard to work, i decided to share it here.

About the map itself : You and more 15 players will fight on basic map full of decorations using only the defibrilator this map only properly works in Coop mode. If you play on deathmatch you will spawn on wrong places
There are 3 teams, Alpha Beta and Gamma. All players have 300 health because 500 its too much for the fun, I have put some medkits around the map and they give you 50 health per use. BUT crouch first before using them

https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m= ... or-6battle or just thermidor-6battle

In the current time im writing this topic 1.32v can only be played using this link

Feel free to say your thoughts about the map, and remember one fact this is my first multiplayer map.
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