My first map

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My first map

Postby IforgotmypasswordHaHAA » 5 February 2020, 13:48

ID: iforgotmypasswordhahaa-genericmapname

Important details:
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This mission is meant to be played on normal difficulty. Beware that theres no imput on balance considered to the other difficulties.

Due to perfomance issues it is recommended that you play this map with physics on low quality if you wish to play with higher fps.

Some lore:
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*You are a biological experiment made by Civil Security for the sole purpose of replicating the Marine's abilities.

*Outside the underground facility you are being held in, a battle is taking place between CS and the Usurpation forces.

*Air forces got overwhelmed by the Usurpation battleships. Now the aliens are easily taking over every installation by air, ignoring any land fortification.

*As a desesperate measure, you are set free by the scientist and troops inside the facility in hopes that you find safety in the middle of the battlefield and keep the valuable research intact. You are also given complete access to bypass any security protocol in the area.

*You are now going to the surface, where everyone departed a while ago to protect the remaining bases. Now is your duty to regroup and support your allies, if there are any.

Things to add in the future:
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''Checkpoint system'' and ''Completing the rest of the map'' Cancelled due to perfomance. Will add the rest of the segments on the next map instead.
New custom weapons
1 New character skin Cancelled due to custom skins not being implemented in the game yet.
New backgrounds
New vehicles (maybe)
More decorations apllied across the map. Cancelled due to perfomance
New custom decorations

Known Issues:
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*Difficulty. The map is quite easy and enemies are not a treat at all

*Perfomance Issues. Disable physics quality to get more Fps. Oddly enough, it used to run fine right before I published it. Or maybe it is due that I added lighting on the map recently.

*Need to still put a hint on the last segment of the map so the player knows the path to the next location

*The mechanism that is soppused to give you your first rifle at the start is quite clunky.Removed it due to not know the source of the inconsistency, maybe physics work based on your FPS?

*I need to specify to the player that the big elevator is split on 2

Any suggestions are welcome, specially if you know how to optimize the map's perfomance.
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Re: My first map

Postby Phant0mB0nnie » 29 June 2020, 03:29

Oh noes, not published!
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Re: My first map

Postby Girl_Power » 29 June 2020, 05:17

The map is not published. You need to publish your map by going onto the map edit page > publish map? > yes.
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Re: My first map

Postby IforgotmypasswordHaHAA » 29 June 2020, 08:21

I decided a while ago to remake the map and I'm still far from finishing it.
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