The Killing Spree Series

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The Killing Spree Series

Postby boom5 » 5 January 2019, 23:43

Map name: Killing Spree 1-9

Map ID: boom5-killingspree-1

Map description:

Map Page Link: ... &id=812521

Map Demo Link: ... ingspree-1

Brief Description: I remember a while back talking about some stuff for 2.5/3 in the discord. One was about ammo and weapons. This map will allow the player to progress through the stages. All weapons except for modded ones can be picked up by the player and brought with him to the next level.

Unfortunately I can't do the ammo part. I was thinking of 2.5/3 options/settings that could also be placed.

*Enemies can spend ammo and drop empty weapons. (Kill them fast before they waste it trying to kill you)
*Ammo station to restock any type of ammunition to any weapon Limited ammo/Unlimited ammo
*You can pick up ammo from the same gun to yours. If you make a mistake taking mags from a higher level weapon you can throw your under level gun and walk over it with the higher level.
Those were some Ideas.
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Re: The Killing Spree Series

Postby Fellow » 8 January 2019, 11:40

Nice map! Nice series! Nice maaaps
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