GSA Hosted Community Game Night, February 3rd

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GSA Hosted Community Game Night, February 3rd

Postby jonb7 » 30 January 2017, 05:27

I'm posting here as a small reminder to everyone, that next Friday is another GSA game night. We would like to welcome all members of the community, and invite you to join us!

Just stop by the GSA chat, and we'll let you in. The gaming channel is where we organize.
The game night officially begins on Friday once we have some people around. Typically we begin around 8 or 9 PM (GMT -5:00), though there is no specific time constraint.

If you're curious about last night's scoring.
Next Friday, Axel will be defending his title. The winner of next game night steals the title, and gains their permanent place on the carnage report.

We hope to see you all here, soon! Feel free to drop by, any time.
~Cheers, from GSA.
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