War tricks

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War tricks

Postby Xier44 » 10 December 2019, 15:19

Sword slash is an tactic for sword battle,fast click on LMB (Left Mouse Button) and you will get fast hurting atack,to see how this atack works just ON debug and look in campaign.Knows 39%.
Grenade shoot is you tagg grenade and shoot on it,it makes grenade faster and makes grenade burst time low,for example 4 seconds replacing to 1.4 seconds.And you can shoot grenade to it's tagger by shooting the grenade flying to you.Knows 0.2%.
.:Dead in push:.
This is actual at stryde-sniper,ragdoll in push to make you unable to move when X is holding,that allows you only to shoot.Your legs must be in pusher,if other bodypart is makes you unable to move untill X is not holding.Enemies must activate their best accuracy and try kill you,that some hard.
Single player:
.:Ez achievent:.
Complete campaign then use cheat give and give powerful gun,like m4a1 for corvettes and AI,and "Hater" for other things.You can by doing this ez got all achievents,and 41 on hard too.

Bonus info:
These tricks not actual when on server too many people or you lag.
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