Multiplayer Commands How?

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Multiplayer Commands How?

Postby Yex » 5 July 2020, 02:21

Ok so I was struggling trying to make a multiplayer command and I just give up on that I can't do it and it's too complicated and I'm trying to learn variables guess I suck at map making. ;-;
I somehow managed to make singleplayer commands but to no avail, I couldn't make a multiplayer command no matter what.

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Re: Multiplayer Commands How?

Postby Nyove » 5 July 2020, 16:44

TLDR: The key to make command system work in multiplayer is by utilising the trigger action:
Set value of variable 'A' to slot index of player who says text

For the others who are interested in how to set up a command system.
Step 1. Run a timer (with delay=0) that executes a trigger, let's call it trigger 'A'.

Trigger A
Trigger action 1: Set value of variable 'A' to slot of current player
Param A: ~currentPlayer
Param B: N/A
(Slot number of current player will be stored in variable 'A'. This will be used later.)

Trigger action 2: Set trigger 'A' as player chat message receiver.
Param A: #ChatReceiverTrigger (just another trigger)
Param B: N/A
(Setting up a dedicated trigger to handle commands. Whenever someone types in chat, #ChatReceiverTrigger will be able to receive it.)

Chat receiver trigger
- Infinity calls, Enabled.

Trigger action 1: Set string-value of variable 'A' to text being said.
Param A: ~command
Param B: N/A
(This will capture whatever text has been typed in the chat and store it in variable 'A')

Trigger action 2: Continue trigger execution only if variable 'A' equals value 'B'
Param A: ~command
Param B: -help (whatever command you want to create)
(Checking if the text being said = to the command you set.)

#Below two trigger actions are neccesary for MP, they can be excluded in SP. The effect of the command will only apply to the person who says text.
Trigger action 3: Set value of variable 'A' to slot index of player who says text
Param A: ~playerWhoSaidTheText
Param B: N/A
(Sets the slot of the player who typed the command into variable 'A')

Trigger action 4: Continue trigger execution only if variable 'A' equals variable 'B'
Param A: ~currentPlayer
Param B: ~playerWhoSaidTheText
(This will check if the person who said the command is the current player himself.)

... Perform your trigger actions based on your command from here. (like printing out text for -help command, killing player 1 for -killGod, etc...)
Good luck.

Note: If you want your command system to perform different task based on their slot number
(like teleport player 1 if slot number is 0, teleport player 2 if slot number is 1, etc...), it gets more complicated.
TLDR for ^ is to execute a chain of triggers after the 1st 4 trigger actions, with each trigger having 'Continue if..' trigger action. (Every trigger checks for every slot number)
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Re: Multiplayer Commands How?

Postby _SkilledNinjaHyperX_ » 26 July 2020, 18:28

nyone but how you can make commands apply for one player?(like a map developer)
Im have a topic locked by stupid admin who deleted a my first topic then 2nd topic locked...

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Re: Multiplayer Commands How?

Postby nightmar » 27 July 2020, 02:26

I see people all over the place trying to make commands when they do not even know how to set a variable to a certain value. People, seriously, if you want to make something complicated that invloves variables then make sure you have some decent knowledge on them.
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Re: Multiplayer Commands How?

Postby Tes- » 30 July 2020, 08:12

First follow what Nyove showed in his text then come and see my text to understand a few missing steps you just need to add to make a VIP commands
In Chat receiver trigger
Trigger action 5: Set value of variable 'A' to login name of player with slot-value of variable 'B'
A = ~loginnameofPlayer
B = ~currentPlayer
Trigger action 6: Continue trigger actions execution only if value of variable 'A' equals value 'B'
A = ~loginnameofPlayer
B = Your login name here
Move the trigger action that checks what command you said and move it in trigger action 7 or check Nyove's text for command text said
Then you add any actions for the command such as show help texts or give god mode or whatever it is
If you're still stuck then instead copy and paste these in trigger chat receiver via text and then click apply and it should work
GetChatInput( "~command", "0" );
GetTalkerID( "~playerwhosaidthetext", "0" );
continue if VarA == VarB ( "~currentplayer", "~playerwhosaidthetext" );
op187( "~loginnameofPlayer", "~currentplayer" );
continue if VarA == ValueB ( "~loginnameofPlayer", "Tes-" );
continue if VarA == ValueB ( "~command", "-help" );

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